Is FedEx Scrambling for ideas?

59 Dano

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That particular situation... director wanted directorship in Ft.Lauderdale according to mgr. He was trying to impress VP by demanding zero overtime in his district. My mgr said he was to try something with my area. He took a big chunk of my area away from me including one of my main towns to insure I didn't go over 40. I told him that would drive me under 35 hrs a week. He said I'd get my 35.

He didn't give that removed area to another courier. Instead he was taking the mostly letters and small pkgs and rewrapping them and mailing them. That's right, putting them in the U.S. mail. I was easily getting less than 35 hrs on $11.67hr and he was falsifying my timecards to show me working just over 35 hrs so that company didn't know. I went from 42-44 hrs a week to 35.

Things came to a head when a furious customer whose company payroll had been mailed stopped me on a 65 mph highway and came at me with his fists balled up. This was several weeks into this. Then a lady who was receiving 4 or 5 large boxes in that area was told she either had to drive 110 miles to the station to get them or meet me 40 miles away. She had to borrow a pickup to meet me. Didn't understand why I wasn't delivering to her, thought we had service there. I had already checked on FedEx customer service and we still were saying next day by 4:30 p.m. in that zip code. I told her she could complain if she wanted to. She did.

That's how the mgrs were getting away with it. When a complaint is called in it's routed to the district office and to the station involved. Memphis doesn't find out. At least not back then. I noticed after these guys were found out that Memphis established a fraud hotline.

Anyways when she called in the complaint my mgr threatened me. Said I was in violation of company conduct code. I said I was going to file GFT. My senior mgr called me at home, tried to BS me. Said company was allowing them to do this. I told him that he wouldn't have a problem then when I filed the GFT. He then admitted the company didn't know, offered to let me out of my commitment to transfer. I didn't want to get a bunch of married men with kids fired so I took him up on it. Transferred back to Texas.

Almost two years later I put in for a small station in AZ that I really wanted to go to. Had tried several times to get there and this time I did. But senior over the station was also over big station in big city 90 miles away. Yep, my old senior mgr who was cheating customers at my previous domiciled location. He withdrew the posting and told the mgr to offer me a part time position.

That was back when there was another FedEx forum website. Forget the name of it. But I was mad about what happened and I posted about it there, knowing the company monitored it. My old mgr got fired, and that senior lost his big city promotion with a demotion back to mgr in another city.

So yes, they allowed me to leave.
As much grief as I will always give you about other things, I respect and appreciate that you attempted to right a wrong and stood your ground. Actions speak louder than words.