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    Hey gang, have a few questions.

    First I am in the metro philadelpia area. We get 5 personal days after 6 months and then 2 additional after 18 months (I think).
    I started in September 07. After 6 months I did see the 5 days on my paycheck. But shortly after I got paid for them since the company pays for unused time around May. I have yet to get anymore personal option days until March. Will I recieve just 2 more at that time then 5 more on my aniversary date? Also, if this is the case, then I only have a small window to use them. Seems a little confusing.
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    personal days are issued every year at the same time for everyone, not your hire date. here they issue them the first pay period in the new calendar year

    used to be they would pay ours around christmas, keeping us from being able to request a personal day(s) after christmas and before newyears, when the new days are credited, effectively not allowing us to legally plan those days off.

    as for the additional two days, they will be added to your account at the hire date plus 18.

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    Thanks. Makes sense to me now!
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    metro phila..hmm what hub ../ phl airport..?
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    West Chester.:peaceful: