A Great Outsourcing Idea!!

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    Since Fred and Dave are doing their darndest to outsource Express work whenever possible (just talk to an RTD), why not apply the same principles to FedEx management?

    Considering the generally lousy leadership in place perhaps we could go offshore and help FedEx get even more lean and productive! In Fred's case, there are a lot of out-of-work Banana Republic and African strongarm leaders out there would would work for a lot less money and have the same basic leadership style, which is "my way or the highway". They are also experts at coercing goverment officials, which has always been one of Fred's strong points, but hey, we wouldn't need him anymore with one of these guys, would we?

    This could also be applied to lower level management, where we could steal away superior people from industry leaders like McDonald's, 7-11. and, of course, WalMart. They are already well-trained in the methodology of paying nothing but expecting great efforts on the part of the employee.

    Up top, maybe Kim Jong MentallyIll could be enticed away from North Korea. Or how about some of those wonderful Chinese political leaders who just take you off the AM sort and shoot you in the parking lot if you don't make your numbers? Forget OLCC's and progressive discipline.....these people get results NOW!!

    The net result would be the savings of hundreds of millions of dollars and an impressive spike in stock values. We'd also put UPS on notice that we had raised the bar for leadership standards to an unattainable level and that they might as well fold-up and go out of business.


    Wow..that's all I got.