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    The text books will contain even less information on the Irish to make room for the 'gays in history' that a law will make them include in the new text books.
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    It's obvious that you didn't click on or read the article as you only sought to interject your agenda in to yet another thread. I read the article and there was no mention of what you suggested. The article was an excellent read and I thank 804 for posting it. Dave.
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    I read it and thought it was a good article......I am just interjecting that California schools have passed or will pass a law that text books here must contain all the GLBT action in our history books.

    Having to add content will surely displace lots of valuable info. like the article posted and that would be a shame.

    Take your "it's obvious" ......I read it. Local legal happenings here are different than in N.Y. and I see what they are saying will happen in the curriculum and realize something's gotta give. Maybe they'll quit teaching about the constitution or the Irish struggle, or the Italian, or the Jewish............

    Unlike you, I look beyond the article and ask questions.......

    Thanks to the OP for the article.
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    Agree with Dave, good link 804. It's another reason why I post links challenging the idea of the industrial food system in this country and the State acting as it's Pinkerton agency in quashing small scale farming alternatives. Even now the Federal gov't literally owns the word organic and regardless of how you grew your food you can not use the word organic unless you get permission (certification) from the USDA to do so. We raise a lot of our own food from not only outdoor gardens but I've now built some hydroponic systems growing food year round and even when people see firsthand how I grow vegetables, they may call it organic but I correct them that it is not because the USDA has now defined what organic is and then they must certify that as true. I've not done that and have no plans too. Now who would push for something like this?

    The same forces as seen in Ireland are now at hand in the US with our own industrial food industry. The collapse of the family farm as we knew them in the 70's and 80's, was it purely a market action of where businessmen farmers made bad choices or was that market manipulated from on high for other purposes? Look at the narrow distribution food chain in this country and where the limited choices of food purchase are almost exclusive to national brands or at least regional players embedded by a cartelized system created by the regulatory regime. And while you're thinking on the family farm destruction that fed the localized food market, why would smart mortgage people make lending policy in which they know so many loans are made that the lendee can't make those payments over time? Thus collapsing the entire industry? If you buy the greed excuse then shut up that the famine in Ireland was not caused by the potato blight. Greed is but yet a symtom, Power and control is the root cause!

    Speaking of the legacy of Ireland and unspoken history, a nearly 1000 year history of Ireland (starting at page 3) is never taught but yet knowledge of would allow an important teaching moment for the history and people of Ireland to teach the rest of us a wonderful lesson in which we could gleen much from. But then that history opens up the door to a new form of thinking that those who really caused the famine in Ireland to begin with does not want told. They are also the one's who suppressed that history to begin with.
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    I agree with Moreluck but I go a little bit farther than she. I think they should not only get rid of GLBT history which takes valuable time away from discussing important American history, but we should get rid of talk of the Irish , Jews, Mexicans, and any other minority that came over. History should just focus on the time that the Pilgrims came to America and from that point on , focus only the WASP historical experience. I suppose history could mention the Native Americans but only as roadblocks to progress.

    Besides, gay people didn't exist until the invention of high fructose corn syrup, the ingestion of which has proven to confuse the sexuality of newly formed fetuses. It caused women to demand the right to vote and men to wear their hair long. Why should this food caused aberration merit any mention in our AMERICAN history books?

    Just my humble but informed opinion.
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    Re "Besides, gay people didn't exist until the invention of high fructose corn syrup, the ingestion of which has proven to confuse the sexuality of newly formed fetuses.

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    So high fructose corn syrup makes me clutch the remote?? I need a good excuse.
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    Wow. I had no idea anyone really thought like that. Enlightening.
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    Oh, according to that guy in Iran....(Ahmanutjob) there are no homosexuals in Iran.......maybe he doesn't get Shahs of Sunset.
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    Not sure why everything coming out is still green... anywho thanks 804, good post. Pickup, when the high fructose corn syrup wears off you might find Howard Zinn's "A peoples History of the US from 1492 to present" a good read. Might not work in Morelucks book club but ... I'm off for one more pint...

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    He's having Klein withdrawals!
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    It's a joke.
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    Again, a joke.
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    I would be proud to claim this one.
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    If you like Zinn's book and it is a good read, you might also enjoy Thaddeus Russell's "Renegade History of the United States."
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    Aww I feel vindicated now. Someone gets me.