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    Once upon a time, there was a driver named Joe. He would go to work every day,deliver his packages all morning, stop for lunch,deliver and pickup his packages all afternoon, return to the building and go home in time to watch Joe Jr. play baseball.
    One day the company decided to change the allowance on his route. Suddenly Joe finds that he has more work than he used to have and can't get done in time to get home and watch Jr. play baseball like he used to.
    So Joe decides that the only way he can make it home in time is to skip his lunch. This works well and again he can make it home in time for the game.
    The company notices that even though Joe has more work, he is getting done at the same time he used to before the added work. So they decide to give him more work. Now Joe is back to working more hours and missing Jr's games. So Joe decides that if he can't make the games, then he will go back to taking his lunch. Besides, he missed the chance to relax a little in the middle of the day and could feel his health was suffering somewhat because of it.
    But wait, now if Joe takes his lunch, he will have missed business deliveries and missed pickups. He won't get his air packages and pickups back in time,either. Joe complains that he doesn't have time to take a lunch, but the complaint falls on deaf ears. After all, he set the precedent by skipping his lunch all that time.
    Now Joe has committed himself to a life of calling for some one to come get his pickup volume off of him daily. If he wants to see a game or interact with his family, he has to take a day off. He is working harder than he had to by not taking his lunch every day. And while those games he did get to see will no doubt have good memories for him, he will end up spending the rest of his working life paying for them.
    This scenario is playing itself out in centers all across the country. And while there is no easy answer, skipping your lunch is not one of them. That 1/2 hr or hour that you were entitled to will just be replaced with more work if you choose not to take it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that's what's happening. JUST TAKE YOUR LUNCH!! Everything else is pretty much out of control.

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    :thumbup1: Amen brother. Take notice rookie's, don't set your self up to fail. And another good point is to walk not run.
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    We get a hour for lunch for a total of 5 hours a week unpaid time.
    Driver's rate per New England Supplement - $28.14
    Overtime rate - $42.21

    5 X $42.21 = $211.05 per week

    Assuming you get 6 weeks vacation, 8 paid holidays, 3 optionals & 5 sick days, you get 9.2 weeks off a year.

    52 - 9.2 = 42.8 weeks worked

    42.8 X $211.05 = $9,032.94

    $9032.94 per year!
    Over 30 years - $270,988.20 :crying:
    Of course this does not take into account any pay raises you may get or any unpaid time off over the above that you take.It also doesn't take into account the pay rate and time allowed for lunch per your supplement.
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    Joe is a maroon.
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    A most excellent post!!
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    My thoughts when working I CAN GO FASTER.....but why??? Keep a smooth pace and forget about bonus, if you make bonus great, if not it is all overtime baby!!!!! Sounds corny saying this because they shove safety down our throats everyday...but just be safe and you should be able to keep your job verses the over or under from the day before.
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    We all have been "Joe" at some time. It works well sometimes when you want off early, but not on an every day basis. Really, look at all that money you are not getting paid!!!!
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    You're right Helen! Maybe this is some rare disease that is only common to UPS drivers that we are just now onto. We could call it "Joe's syndrome"; the only cure is to get older and wiser. Maybe one of the few things that is cured by getting older!
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    Slow and Steady wins the race.
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    its just to bad that the younger guys don't care about Joe or his story all they care about is themselves.:mellow:
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    Joe's an idiot. He needs to file 9.5 grievances.
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    Myself and Joe are in the same boat. Nice story.
  13. we have alot NON rookies guys with 20 years that dont take their lunch!! i happen to work in the famous PHILADELPHIA BUILDING! alot of aRSE KISSING GOIN ON!
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    Joe needs some brass (like in that BD video)
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    I was Joe working through lunch to get off early and presto they gave me more work.Iwanted to be the hero of the center work my a… off.My body started to give out .When my body started to go I had to fight them to take luch.Now I have metal rods and screws in my back no longer able to work at all.
    Listen up new drivers take your lunch ,get a reasonable pace that your body can handle.I doubt that many new drivers will make into retirement with the freight that UPS drivers handle.
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    I was one of the bonus babies for years until that infamous package allowance change. I went from almost 2 hours under to about 45 mins over skipping lunch and breaks. I didn't mind skipping my breaks if I was being paid for it by bonus, but refused to skip them just to make imaginary numbers.

    I take all my breaks and ignore all the head pounding that goes on from my sups. I've had quite a few ride alongs and the closest I've ever come to scratch with them is 1.75 over. There isn't much they can do now except yell in the morning and ignore my 9.5 grievances. I guess you can call me a born again Joe.
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    My question is this: Who is Slow and Steady? Is it a female? And what are the requirements to win RACE?

    I'm free this week! On vacation!
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    You are exactly right with the money! Look at what you are losing and what free money you will just be handing over to Big Brown gift wrapped with your blood, sweat and tears if you skip your lunch!
    As a note: In Texas we get ONE option day and ZERO sick days
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    "As a note: In Texas we get ONE option day and ZERO sick days"

    Yikes! I hope you brought that up for the current negotiations.
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    If your kids want you to see their games you can bring home 18k a year at the local WMT. The family pays a price for bringing home 80k. I miss alot of my kids stuff. They all seem well adjusted and doing just fine. At least I can afford to help them thru college so hopefully some day they will have a job that provides them the opportunity to work normal hours. BM