A Nation of Chumps and Suckers

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    Even though this piece is over 2 years old, looking at the approach of gov't not only from the last adminstration's response to the economic crisis but also the current one, it's becomeing more and more clear that the only industry to obtain a real boost ie stimulus in all of this will be the very entity H.L. Mencken was warning us of!

    It's only in the stupid world of adults that we sit back and blindly allow the vested interests of gov't to create a scenario that in turn creates the economic chaos that now grips us in it's teeth, ever pressing further towards crushing death. Yes folks, gov't created this mess because their (gov't) vested interests drove them to it for gain of power and wealth. Now we look to these same people who created the mess to now solve it.

    Even a bunch of so-called dumb kids are much smarter to go ask the mass murder to investigate and solve his own crimes and actually expect a good outcome to develope from this!

    The title of Tom's piece does say it all and we continue to prove it at every election.