A Near Tragedy

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    Truck carrying 40,000 pounds of beer overturns in Vermont

    by The Associated Press Tuesday June 23, 2009, 1:57 PM

    SWANTON, Vermont (AP) - Police say a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of beer overturned in Vermont and closed a highway for several hours.
    The truck went off the road Monday morning on Route 78 in Swanton. It rolled over and landed in a swamp on a wildlife refuge. The crash also knocked down some power lines.
    Travis Greeno, assistant chief of the Swanton Fire Department, says the truck had to be offloaded before it was pulled out of the ditch. He said it was "going to be a long day."
    The highway was closed for several hours.
    The truck driver was not hurt. It is unclear why he went off the road.
    No beer spilled into the swamp.:happy-very:
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    Did you volunteer to go out and help clean it up? :st_patrick:
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    I have been on that route many times--it is a 2 lane road which runs parallel to a set of train tracks and runs through a wildlife refuge/swamp. The speed limit is 50 but that is normally ignored, which is what I have heard may have contributed to the accident. There is also no easy detour around the crash site.
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    I'd wait a couple of days before cracking those beers....