UPS driver killed in accident

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    From the Austin American-Statesman, Jul 30 2009

    2 dead, sewage spilled in Texas 95 wreck
    UPS truck and a septic truck collided head-on near Elgin

    Thursday, July 30, 2009
    Two men died Wednesday afternoon in a head-on collision on Texas 95 about four miles south of Elgin, a wreck that closed the highway in both directions and left hundreds of gallons of raw sewage spilled along the road.

    A UPS truck and a waste truck carrying raw sewage from septic tanks hit head-on, said John Hurt , a spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation. Both drivers were killed, Hurt said, and 300 gallons of sewage spilled.

    Texas 95 was closed in both directions for several hours. State environmental officials were on the scene because of the sewage spill, Hurt said.

    Texas Department of Public Safety officials were investigating.
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    oh man, that is terrible. god bless his family and UPS.
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    It comes in threes, hopefully we will be done now. Waiting for more info.
    God Bless his family.
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    I know we are all grieving for our brother's family, friends and co-workers. It's such a shock to hear of such a tragedy. I guess it is time to address this subject that I've been meaning to mention for quite a while.

    Do any of you know what new vehicle one can purchase in the United States that is not equipped with an airbag and has a metal dashboard? The answer is that the public cannnot purchase any vehicle with a metal dashboard and no airbag. That's why you can't buy a used UPS truck, it's against the law to sell a vehicle like that to the public. Airbags save lives, period. It's not a matter of dispute. What reason would the company have for not having airbags? There is only one, the cost, about $1500 per car. When the number crunchers do a cost vs. benefit analysis, it just doesn't pay to have them put in, and the law doesn't require it on a fleet vehicle, if the companhy doesn't resell it.

    The safest package cars ups has ever owned were the Sprinters, with padded dashboards, driver's airbag, and a wide range of other safety and performance features. The company chose to crush them all, replacing them with the deathtrap P500's.

    If one has ever seen a head-on collision up close, you would be terrified to drive a package car on the highway.

    It's a disgrace.
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    pkg cars are safe dont get in any head ons.
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    I hate these stories. My worst nightmare is having to inform someones family of this type of scenario. My best to the drivers families.
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    At this point I see no use in bashing the vehicles. It would be a good thread, hint, hint.
    But lets let this one be for our brother/sister who lost their lives, doing their job, right or wrong, avoidable or unavoidable.
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    I work in that center and knew the driver as a pretty good acquaintance at work. The worst part of this story are the little details.

    He was loaned to another center yesterday. He was on an entirely different route than he usually runs and was in a different package car than he usually drives. It really was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    His truck is still sitting in the parking lot at work. I took a pic tonight on the way out of all the InfoNotices with messages written from other drivers.

    UPS refused to set the flag out front at half staff as "that is reserved for Presidents", but I saw three drivers do it themselves yesterday and it was still that way today. Good for them... I thought. :)

    R.I.P. Reagan.

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    Thanks for the info and the post. We are all extending our sympathy to everyone at your center, and of course, the family. And, thanks for the photo of his truck, it was touching.
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    Hey Skizo, can you give us an address to send cards to the family? Is there anything we can do for the family? Let us know please.
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    Just proves again, every day you go to work it's not the safest place to be.
    Every day when I arrived back at the centre safe, with no accident, I always thnksed my truck for another succesful and accident free day.
    Otherwise I thought it might be bad oman.

    In his case, he had a different truck.
    But, no matter.
    It's a huge tradedy to lose a fellow browner.
    All my thoughts are with him, his family and friends.
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    Guys, this is one of the reasons to make sure you hug your kids every day, and let that better half know you love her with a passion. No telling if you will ever get another chance.

    It breaks my heart.

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    Wonder if the truck had retreads on them to cause the blowout? When our truck tires start wearing, we have a heckuva time convincing the mechanic that we need new ones. And in these increasingly money-tight times, I only imagine it will get worse.
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    Thoughts and prayers for this man's family. Another heart breaking, gut wrenching tragic story.
  17. klein

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    Besides this sad story. I bet they have contracted out several mechanics in all of Texas tonight, to make sure all trucks are safe.
    I wouldn't doubt, if some get pulled over tomorrow for safety inpections.

    UPS must have an whole night emergency investigation into this, as well.
    Could become a very costly matter for the company.

    But, again.
    Lets think of the drivers and the families.
    Thats the biggest concerne.
    Everything else is just material.
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    My prayers are with his family.
    I wish I knew the words that would comfort those that are left behind.
    If you love someone, tell them.
    Silence is too long after the grave.
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    My thoughts are with the family.

    Im normally the first one to get :censored2: off at the lack of basic safety features in many of our trucks; you have all heard my 3-point seat belt rant many times. But in this case, it wouldnt have made any difference.
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    Please don't forget : (which I did in my first posting).

    We have 2 drivers, and 2 families effected.

    They both drived for a living.

    Both been killed on the job.

    It's really sad.