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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by smways, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. smways

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    Hello everyone, I have been tracking a package for the last few days and something popped up that I have never seen before, UPS INTERNAL ACTIVITY CODE. Can anyone here shed light on what this is and if it affects my orig. delivery date of 6/10?

    Tracking number 1Z R6A 325 68 1564 621 1

    Thanks in advance for you insight and help. :happy-very:
  2. beentheredonethat

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    Mr Ways,

    Looks like there was some minor problem with paperwork for customs\brokerage. Looks like pkg is on it's way to Buffalo and will get to you soon in PA. I'm guessing Thur or Friday at the latest.
  3. mattwtrs

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    If it were my package I would call the International 800 #. 1.800.782.7892 and talk to a person that can clear up the problem. When packages are shipped by a third party there is a problem waiting to happen. Good Luck!
  4. upssalesguy

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    please call the international help desk, they are top notch. 1-800-782-7892.

    PM me if you need more help. Thank you for your business!