A serious question for the brown guys & gals


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I have a question. I work on the freight side. Our barn has recently authorized union representation. I am not very pleased with what they are offering. But my main question is on the health benefits. What exactly are the "United Parcel Service Health & Welfare Package Select" ? Can anybody tell me what these benefits are?


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Not to be arrogant but your company might have gone out of business if UPS didn't buy it....

Grow the business and be try to be happy you are with UPS now, if possible!

Good Luck Slave and welcome aboard!

As far as health ins. .80% coverage.....you should get a packet for your choices....hmo, ppo. ect...and pick from that.

What is your hourly wage at Overnite/ups?


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Right now top hourly is at $21.825 per hour and mileage is at .5520.

Can you be more specific about the benefits please. Supposedly we are supposed to vote on this thing next week and I would like to have as much info as possible.


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I think they are different for every region. Everybody that sees our benefit package says it's the best they have seen. And I am talking about all the health care pros that see us. Definitely look into it, your benefits might be radically different from package. Ask your Teamster organizer what the main differences are between package and freight. And if you go don't vote to go Teamster, then you are just like Fedex in missing that boat.


Talk to a Yellow, ABF, or Roadway driver in your area. You'll get what they get. You will become part of the National Master Freight agreement. Not what UPS small package gets.


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Trying to get exact answers out of teamsters with supposedly only 1 week before the vote is like trying to pull teeth from a chicken. These are the same people that convinced Indy to ratify without even seeing the contract. I personally think they will try another fast one just to get their foot in the old "overnite" back door.


Part of this deal is designed to keep us out of Master Freight. We understand we aren't going to get what Pkg gets, I just want to know "what" we are getting.


Uncle brown paid billions to get all of their employees OUT of Central States. That included all new UPS freight members as well.

Thanks for the input


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If the local Teamsters aren't of any help to you, I would call National Teamsters in Washington DC and let them know exactley that. It might not help you with getting any info to you by the time of the vote, but it will at least let someone know why the Teamsters lost that election. I would also let them know the name of the guys that are not returning your phone calls at election time. If course, the Teamsters will protect their own and nothing will result from this. (Yeah, I am disillusioned with the Teamsters, but I would rather have them then have nothing at UPS) Good luck and I would say going Teamster is probably better than nothing.


One would think that they (The Teamsters) would be very forthcoming with info before a vote. Your members have the power to get the info needed to ratify the contract. Ask for a special meeting with the Teamsters to have them explain the terms of the new contract. I used to be in the NMFA and most of my retirement benefits come from it. There were a number of riders and special language in our area contracts for special needs of different companies. We always had meetings before a vote about the new terms. I am from upstate New York..... 294. Good Luck