A way for UPS, to generate additional revenue.

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  1. ups1990

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    UPS, can quickly bring in more revenue by a simple audit of packages that are blatantly under weighed. Time and time again, we pick up pieces that are under stated by 5, 10, 20 lbs and more. A few us are bring it up to management but they turn a deaf ear.

    Why not, instead of spending time following drivers with worthless results, use this man power and time, finding the constant violators of this. The company keeps hammering integrity, then let's go after these people. Shippers know they can get away with the practice.
  2. Just Numbers

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    Don't they still use revenue auditors?
  3. Solidarity413

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    In the Hub I know they do. Usually not enough, in my hub we process 75k-95k a day, depending on the day of course. There is usually 4 auditors and then an extra one for irregs. Not enough IMO. But our auditors are 22.3's and you know how UPS feels about them ^_^. On preload I've never seen one, unless the clerks are also auditors in that case they have a huge workload.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Don't give UPS ideas about generating more revenue. Imagine if we had to dimensionalize each and every package we pick up? Now that would add millions of dollars to the bottom line.
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    I turned in a shipper who was sending NDA paks to a bank and putting L on all the waybills.These NDA paks al had weights between 5 and 10 lbs. ''What do you want me to do about it??? just deliver them""" That was the last time I tried to help them out!!
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    Cove, exactly my point. The company spends money and uses manpower on things that are mundane and really not essential. At our center we have a person that goes around and asks drivers if they use a clip or pouch, then keeps reminding us if we have taken our web training.

    A shipper gets away with correct shipping chargers, but a driver gets a talk with for being 20 mminutes overallowed.
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    Ditto to the above thoughts. I have noticed with the recent spiraling down economy, a rash of packages with grossly underestimated weights. Told management - big yawns. One more reason why I increasingly don't care about helping UPS out when they ask me for help.

    And I hate this. But when you continually go to them with ideas, sales leads, etc., and NOTHING happens, why should they be the only ones that don't care? This is the new UPS. I feel sorry for those with less than 20 years in.
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    Thought you couldn't double post? Hoax, I know you will delete the first post when you get around to it, right?
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    Just because you do not see any fireworks or huge obvious reaction to concerns like this does not necessarily mean you are being ignored. In most facilities we have revenue auditors who audit packages for under weight and non-demensional weighted packages. Many hubs also have an automated system that electronically measures the size of a package and compares it to the information turned in to see if it is an under charged demensional package. In either case, the normal result is that the shipper's account is charged the difference automatically.

    The one thing you may notice missing in this process is any procedure to give feedback to employees bringing up the concern in the first place.
  10. Covemastah

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    typical lack of communication at this place!!! i also had a tracer{follow up} for a Nodic Trac. remember those big pigs?? humped it up ice filled driveway & put on the back porch! Big $$ item.Safe dr..Week later i get the follow up.''.nope we never got it '',Supe says ..yah sure you left it at the right house?? AAAAAH yah ,i remember that place..Couple days later they get new one {with a signature] Week later I go by on trash day,,TWO Norda trac boxes out front!!! I do the right thing & call L.P..guy at house thanks me a month later he got his claim $$$ Unbelievable ??? No U.P.S !!
  11. pretzel_man

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    There are many automated size and weight machines throughout the UPS system. They are strategically placed to audit a large % of packages. This is supplemented with auditors.

    There is now a link on UPSers.com where employees can submit product ideas. On the main page, there is a link that says "submit new product ideas."

    It works. I submitted an idea and someone from corporate responded.

  12. City Driver

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    over here in freight they are very strict about this, we reweigh every single shipment unless it is under 50 lbs (for some reason the forklift scales cant reweigh these)
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What I usually do with these is make a Xerox of the label and turn it in to BD and they follow up with the shipper.
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    Wow, unbelieveable...
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    Got to agree with P-Man here: most large buildings have automated weighing and sizing tunnels, and the adjustments are done automatically. The payback on the automation was originally estimated at about 10 minutes (I am not kidding) for Louisville alone. This was 15 years ago. Paying human beings to do this is a waste of time and money. The laser scanners and scales are more accurate, and don't slow down the flow of packages.

    We don't do it for 100% of the packages, but computer analysis of adjustments generally pinpoints repeat offenders for followup.
  16. blue efficacy

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    There is nothing like this at my building. We have auditors everywhere.
  17. Just Numbers

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    Hey corporate, are you on top of this? In this economy. just like UPS tries to pinch every penny so are our shippers in unethical ways by minimizing the weights on these packages. It is not always the big accounts, it's small business that is hurting the most. After all isn't it just about the bottom line?
  18. hurricanegunner

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    We used to have auditors, but they did away with them when PAS/ED showed up. I don't care about the weights anymore, other than to be careful when lifting or shifting.
  19. Tiny Panda

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    Do you not have DWS machines in the US?

    All our packages do thru the DWS machine and the exact size/weight is calculated and the billing is adjusted accordingly
  20. NHDRVR

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    Our pkg auditor on belt 4 hasn't been seen in a while but, from what I understand, she used to find a few thousand dollars a night in under/over weight pkgs.

    Makes sense to bring them back...