There is nothing that guaranteed in life. UPS isn't either.


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Anyone want to comment on who this Amazon driver might be ?

Amazon locked a Microsoft engineer out of his smart home devices for nearly a week after a delivery driver accused him of uttering a racial slur.
I was told that the driver who had delivered my package reported receiving racist remarks from my ‘Ring doorbell.'"
Jackson, who is black, said that the accusation was improbable, as many of the delivery drivers in his area are the same race - thus, the racial slur was "highly unlikely."

Jackson tracked down the time that the driver would have dropped off his package (May 24 at 6:05 p.m.), and compared it to footage from his home at the time of the incident - revealing that nobody was home at the time of the delivery. Instead, Jackson thinks that his Eufy automated doorbell said to the driver "Excuse me, can I help you?"

"The driver, who was walking away and wearing headphones, must have misinterpreted the message," wrote Jackson, adding that even after he shared the evidence with Amazon, his account remained locked.

"Despite numerous calls and emails, it wasn’t until Friday afternoon [on May 26] that I received confirmation that the investigation had started," he wrote, adding that it wasn't until May 31 that access was finally restored.


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I was working at UPS during the last strike. It was before the internet took off. Arizona is horrible a third of the drivers crossed the picket line. But even then they couldnt handle any of the volume, and thats also when fulltime sups had to be ex drivers. Now all the sups never drove, the volume even on a slow day is incredible, no way could UPS survive. Even with drivers crossing the picket line .Also the managers are all angry with no pensions, no bonuses, and I heard there going to get rid of dispatch soon.


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Supply chains will always exist. At its base existence UPS functions as a distributor and wholesaler in one.

Pure economy of scale makes competition difficult. A company would have to be bigger than UPS to survive predatory pricing techniques UPS could employ to discourage entry and survival OR have a coercive monopoly ruling/law (think USPS and legislation that only allow X to be sent through them--say all items bought with government funds that need to be shipped as an example).

barring those examples I doubt UPS is going anywhere as costs are always passed along to the consumers. When C suite executives start getting cut without replacements then you can start to worry about nothing is guaranteed in life (except there are two things even then: taxes and death) until then laugh when someone uses hostess and its direct substitutes as a comparable to UPS and its oligopoly powers.


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So what will happen when Amazon one day can lobby Congress to allow it becoming a "delivery for all" company as well?

Why would Amazon want to use their resources to make shipping cheaper and easier for their competitors? If anything they would want to force everyone to sell on amazon.. delivery for all does the opposite of that. Small to medium retailers can then run their own online presence seperate from Amazon while reaping the benefits of the system amazon built.

Jeff built that network for one reason.. To make it so Amazon IS THE choice if you want fast delivery of online purchases

Oh and the hostess comparison is weak.. by the early 2000s hostess was dying.. UPS is very profitable, healthy and does not need givebacks to survive


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You kidding right? While our service is subpar as you say it’s still far better than FedEx or the USPS I’ll agree not much better but do you really think that they could actually absorb all our volume? The only way a strike can and will fail is if clowns like you and the other Bozo cross the picket line and allow them to continue to operate scared you’ll lose your job.
There ain’t gonna be any strike you’re all being played for fools