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I had a cavity taken care of not to long ago and it cost me about $150 after insurance covered some. I talked with another teamster and he said that he only has to pay $50 for each cavity.

I am not on the pension(at least I don't think I am), I didn't sign up for it.

Do I have to sign up for this to get better benefits or am I just seeing the wrong dentist?



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You didn't mention if you are part time or full time, and what part of the country you are in. As far as insurance goes, the plan will only pay so much for dental work. Some dentist charge more than others, they are allowed to charge whatever they feel like. I have a friend of mine who is a dentist and he only does cosmetic work. He said that sometimes he will sit someone in his chair and charge them $10,000 for a days work. And he doesn't take insurance, makes his patients pay up front. A lot of dentists will make more than a family doctor, they usually completely own their practice and aren't bought out by the healthcare corporations like doctors are. I wish my son would go into that field like he once wanted to.


i am a part-time preloader and i work in the pacific north west.

thanks for helping. i guess ill just to have to try another dentist.


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When I was part-time everything reasonable and customary was 100%. Always check with the company insurance about coverage bro. Call them and get them to send you a copy of your benefits package, or stay on your managers about getting it to you.