Absurdity in the news

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Listening to those two AIRHEADS is like listening to two people passing gas at each other. WHY Fox news distorts a topic and EXPANDS the circumstances is beyond me.

    The issue is certain "WORDS" that are NOT to be on standardized TESTS and yet these two airheads expand that to mean the kids are NO LONGER being TAUGHT about these subjects in classrooms. Its laughable how you fall for this baloney.

    One of the words that is not to be used on the tests is slavery. But that doesnt mean that in the schools ciriculum that wont TEACH about slavery, it just means the WORD slavery wont appear on a test.

    These two boneheads ramble on as if they are having an intelligent debate, but what they dont realize OR SAY is other states do similiar things.

    Lets take the STATE of FLORIDA, they DONT ALLOW the words "HURRICAINE" or "WILDFIRES" in their tests. California does not allow the word "WEED" to appear on tests.

    In FLorida, do you think the schools dont teach about either Hurricaines or Wildfires since the words arent allowed on tests????