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    I could probably go looking through the forum, but I want my own thread.

    Does anybody have any advice for dealing with emotionally abusive supervisors? It's an issue I've had all year and it's starting to get really bad. I've usually ignore crap from my current supervisor because he flips out on everyone when he becomes emotional about something. Lately, I've started to think he is getting sick pleasure out of hurting people on personal level. Are there particular kinds of grievances for this?

    You might wonder what he's been doing. Lately, he's been singling me out during PCMs to make me look bad in front of everyone (I think he's cooked the books on my unload PPH or something). Today, he trapped me in a trailer with him and aggressively confronted me about my work while I unloaded. He was threating that he could make my job a living hell and suggested he's always done that (which I've suspected because I always get **** on by him). I was calm and passive the whole time because I think he was trying to make me mad. He was probably trying to find a reason to make me flip out so he could write me up or something. I've never given him anything other then respect and a hard days work. Nothing is ever good for him I guess. :sad:

    It really makes me depressed because I've given UPS my blood, sweat and tears to this company. It doesn't seem like it means jack **** to anybody though... It really makes me want to quit, but I don't want to do that seeing as he doesn't want me around. :wink:
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    You should talk to his supervisor and explain whats going on with the intimidator in the room with you. JMO
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    Article 37 section 1 of the current national master agreement. It reads in part "The Employer shall not in any way intimidate, harrass, coerce or overly supervise any employee in the performance of his or her duties. The Employer will treat employees with dignity and respect at all times, ..." File a greivance if it is that bad. Know your contract, know your rights and as always (It makes me sadto say this) C.Y.A. cover your hindquarters.
  4. Supervisors like that should be fired, they give the rest of us a bad name. I'm firm when I have to be, but its a last resort because I know people who bust their ass don't need me making them feel like crap because of our pipe dream numbers. I didn't appreciate it when I was an hourly and as a result I try my hardest to avoid it now that I'm a supe. They work better for me when they're in good spirits and I'm one of the few areas in my building that DOESN'T have an attendance problem as well. I assume the fact that I treat them well has something to do with it. However I am brow beaten to cut people all the time...then they get :censored2: when theres misloads because I've got a guy covering three pickoffs and I hear "WHY'D YOU DO THAT?!!?" and my answer "because you told me to" and then its "well thats not what I meant"...its classic I tell you :thumbup1:
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    Talk to other employees to see if this has happened to them on a regular basis. Witnesses? Go talk to management and tell them of yours and others concerns regarding this supervisor. Chances are they have an idea of what kind of guy he is. Talk to your steward also. Good luck and report back as to what as happened.
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    The UPS hotline is 1-800-220-4126!!!!! You need to give them your name for the complaint to hold water. Yes you may get retaliation but who cares, the sup is already treating you like crap. File ART 37 grievance every time the sup harasses you!!! Sup working grievances help as well, plus you will make extra money too!!!!

    If you have sick days, use them when you want from now on, not when the sup wants you to.

    Get witnesses and have all of them call the number as well as as file ART 37 grievances as well.

    Watch your hours to very minute. We got a sup fired for shorting hours!!!
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    Doccument dates, times and witnesses... Call the UPS hotline, file a grievence and if the comments a racial or gender related contact a lawyer...
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    two things....

    first of all, most supervisor's are normal people and therefore not inherently sick, and your story sounds like the typical "im the perfect employee and victimized without reason"...which usually means there's a side you're not telling. you either have poor performance, attendance, attitude and/or influence on your coworkers, or are just generally a :censored2: bag. or, maybe you're a great guy/gal and ur sup's just a prick. i have no idea.

    secondly, so you're an unloader and all gun-ho about giving "blood sweat and tears" which means you probably havent been around that long, which further implies you probably make less than 10 bux an hour. why on EARTH would you give blood sweat and tears and undergo this type of "emotional abuse" for about the same $ you'd make doin about a hundred other jobs that dont require physical back breaking work?

    if ur sup's really an a-hole, slash his tires. if that doesnt stop him, get a job at fedex. i heard they give discounts.
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    Document everything.
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    I appreciate you hard work :thumbup1:
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    the last one is a very good tip, I've been noticing a bigger discrepancy every week between the amount of hrs i say i worked, and the amount they say i worked, all i do is remember how much time i had when i clocked out and write it down in a little calendar when i get to my truck, if i get screwed over one more week im bringing in all my checks and my notebook and talking to my steward.
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    Great advice! When are people going to finally going to realize the only way to get rid of this type of management is to actively pursue and use the methods available to go after them. This company would be a better place to work when we get rid of this scum.
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    I feel bad for you that you have to work in such an uncomfortable atmosphere. It would have been all that I could do not to bop him if he had confronted me in such a manner. Something has to be able to be done about this idiot. Any company, not just UPS will not put up with an abusive superviosr who is creating a hostile work enviornment. I would immediately make a complaint about this guy before he had the chance to confront me again and I did bop him. Good Luck. Try to get a witness on your side to see how the guy treats you so it will not be your work against his or carry a tape recorder with you. Although not admissiable in a court of law, in front of an HR person is a different story. Where I work two guys were fired because they were sending out emails with the UPS girl in the skimpy outfit and another girl on a Halloween evite that was dressed as risque as the UPS girl we often see here on this site. Harldy, a reason I thought they would get fired for but some female employee found it to be offensive to her. Anybody would find being abused by a supervisor as being offensive. :scared:
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    Hey there is the UPS girl I was referring to. :thumbup1:
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    are you the normal sup or the sick sup?
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    If you feel your sup might retaliate - and it sounds like he would be the type, you can always call the Employee Relations Helpline at 800-220-4126. Tell 'em, Mr. Tinkles sent you to receive a 10% discount coupon off your next back wax! :tt2:
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    westside ~ sounds like you still remember where you came from! How do you like being a supervisor?
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    "westside ~ sounds like you still remember..."

    Agreed! And I'm sure Westsides employees lack of attendence problems IS due to his excellent management style.
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    you sir are a ******** we know where your comming from!!!!:w00t:
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