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    There has been a lot of focus placed on accountablility over the last few years, much more so than in years past.

    So are there limits to the accountability at UPS? Are there people that are exempt from being accountable? How far do we take accountability? To the point of termination?

    I would really be interested in thoughts, especially those in supervision or upper management.

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    We are all held accountable. Some are given more leeway based on how you do your job. Performance, attitude, safety, attendance, etc. all play a part. You have to try pretty hard to be terminated. Most people are given enough chances to change.
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    From what I've seen Hourlies are held accountable for their actions, Sups are accountable for their actions as well as many of those of his supervisees, Managers for their actions + Sups actions + Hourlies' actions... and on up the ladder. At some point, way up there, accountability stops and turns into a great big ball of poo and rolls back down.
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    Everyone is held accountable as long as they are a teamster. I've seen countless management get caught for unethical things and they get reassigned or slapped on the wrist. I've been told you can get us five times or whatever but we only have to get you once. I'm a steward and I know this first hand and before you ask for proof tieguy save it. I'm a steward and it's all confidential. Remember teamsters if you want to throw stones prepare to have them look in your glass house it's there company you just work here.
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    cmon,, thats just silly,, ive seen the union save complete hourly garbage time and time again,, also ive seen good people in operations get fired over things beyond their control,,, Id say the only people accountable are low level operations and drivers
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    It's gotta all depend on the time/place/circumstances 'cause I've seen way high ups get away with murder for years to finally get taken down b/c they promoted a totally inept individual to a position just below themselves for a pet, so they got demoted to the same position. Equals, and one is now making 80 grand less than before OUCH.
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    Accountability at UPS has not changed in my 24yr experience.
    The when, why and how it is applied is the only variable I have seen.

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    Not to throw any rocks, but at UPS as well as thousands of other companies out there..

    Management personel do not report to the employees....
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    no,,, but you have to answer when you violate a labor contract
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    You don't think I know this?? Read the original post by Dannyboy. Then reread my post I'm not trying to rattle the world with some earth shaking revelation. I'm just stating the obvious. Where did you get from my post that you answer to me. I work as directed for you. When I'm in my representational capacity I'm your equal. Don't forget this because I don't forget who I am and my honesty is the only thing I've got.
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    Management is NEVER held accountable for anything they do. Drivers are fired for things management does everyday.
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    Accountability in a nutshell means having to lie in the bed that you have made.

    IMHO the majority of the problems that occur at UPS on a daily basis originate from decisions being made by people who will never have to personally deal with the consequences of those decisions.

    The IE man who "timestudies" a route will never be responsible for running or managing that route himself. So the consquences of any mistakes will never be his problem.

    The District or Regional manager who demands that his subordinates generate some arbitrary, flavor-of-the-week metric (SPORH, SPC, average paid day, etc.) is under no obligation to assess whether his expectation is realistic or not. How that number gets generated will never be his problem.

    The people who design and order the equipment we use, the facilities we work out of, the trucks we drive, and the uniforms we wear will never have to use those items themselves. Cheaper is better and any deficiences will be someone elses problem.

    UPS would be a better place to work if the decision-makers had to lie in the beds that they made.
  14. I am not in management in any way, shape or form. Thanks God! From my personal experience, accountability is an excuse to fire or annoy the people they don't want. Unfortunately those tend to be quality, honest and hard working people . The ones who manage to stick around longer are either because they are relatives/friends of managers, supervisors or full time drivers who recommended them regardless of their qualities. Not so farfetched truth! trust me! ;)
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    I think not! :wink2:
  16. By: anonymous:

    "I've seen countless management get caught for unethical things and they get reassigned or slapped on the wrist."

    Uh huh! That's how they fix things when management gets exposed for unethical things" I have been a victim of their malicious, unethical and disgusting actions.

    By: anonymous:
    " I've been told you can get us five times or whatever but we only have to get you once."

    It's a philosophy they live by. Another one management uses among employees who allow themselves to be used for unethical plans is " You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". It makes me wonder if it's more than their backs get scratched at times.:rofl:

  17. Of course, You don't think! :rofl: Some of us like to use our minds. :P
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    Therein lies the problem. Such arrogance on the part of many managers.

    There are only three rules of sound management: Pick good people, tell them not to cut corners, and back them to the limit. And picking good people is the most important.

    Hourly employees, especially drivers, can't hide mistakes or general incompetence.

    Not so in management.
  20. menotyou

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    When you ask a preloader who has been employed for about 5 minutes, if they want to be the local sort supervisor, it makes me wonder what you are thinking.
    When the local sort supervisor(former preloader for 5 minutes) gets caught stealing laptops, TV's and computers, I do not wonder at all.
    I just Thank God the kid didn't try and frame one of us, because it would have been so easy for you(management) to believe.