ADD/CUT madness!!!!!

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    So last week October 1st-5th on my side(I do preload) the person in charge of add/cuts was on sick leave(has been for like a month) and his backup went on vacation, so they had another person who's job was not that do it. Now I have a five truck 1,150 package average with a normal of 3 add/cut packages ever other day. But last week I had the great privilege of getting Monday-23 A/Cs(add/cuts) Tuesday-32 A/Ds Wednesday-34 A/Ds Thurday-52 A/D(only day above 1,300 packages, others like 1,150-1,250) and Friday-42 A/Ds. I guess my question could I have refused to do them my self or should I in the future bring that up, they still got on my case about finishing on time everyday but never send me help. P.S. Out of every day except Thursday I shared a scanner, which is essential for any add/cut.
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    What? You can't check the last 4 digits of the tracking number? Is PAS really this dumbed-down now?
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    It sounds to me like you are being taken advantage of.
    Try to talk to the lead sup and explain your dilemma.
    If this accomplishes nothing,file a grievance.In the meantime,
    maybe calling in sick one day may clue them in to how hard you work.
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    I would work as directed and not refuse to do anything you are instructed to do as long as it is t unsafe or dishonest.
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    It is what it is.I would have to go w calling in sick
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    You load 5 trucks ?
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    Why do you need a scanner to do add cuts? We just write the new load/hin on them with a marker.
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    Just be safe and make sure u have no misloads. You'll get done when u get done.
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    You should quit because the unemployment rate is at an all-time low and that could help make it go up.
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    They never ask us to pull our own add/cuts at my center. The guy who actually does the add/cuts has to come around and do it himself. Unless you look like you're really really light... basically standing around doing nothing. Then I usually even volunteer to do it myself, just so I look busy.

    In fact, my old belt sup got mad at me one time for volunteering to do it. Because then the package flow picked up and I wasn't able to get to around to it.
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    At my center if it comes out of your truck you scan it. That's the rules.
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    In our center the PDS prints the add/cuts and hands them to the PT supervisor, who then pulls the packages, crossing them off the list until all are found. No scanners involved--the PDS moves the work between the drivers on his computer.
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    Been there, done that. Have the t-shirt. Check my gallery.
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    We don't scan, either. But, your add/cut counts sound similar to the dipstick at my center. He isn't that bad every day, but he averages 10-15 pages certain routes. It goes on all morning long, with 5-6 at the end of the shift as the driver is standing there, usually. The dispatcher before him was a dream to a preloader. She was spot-on with her dispatch, rarely needing an add/cut. But, she had issues and doesn't work there anymore. :sad-little:
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    I feel your pain. Especially when you're stacked out, behind, and still have a ton of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: rolling down the belt, multiple pages of add cuts can be absolutely devastating. When our normal PDS is in he does them himself 9 times out of 10, but when he's out basically it's every man for himself and the # of them increase 2-3 fold.

    I remember one time I was stacked out to hell; around 8:25 the fill-in rolls up with 2 pages worth, says "thanks" and walks off. I just threw my hands up and got back to work.

    The best advice has already been given: take your time, do your best not to let it get to you, work as directed. I would do the add-cuts first though, I think the driver would much rather have to finish loading his truck in the morning than be down the road and find out he's got to do 6 extra stops because the add/cuts weren't pulled.
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    Sounds like someone should be filing a grievance.
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    And no one files supervisor working grievances?
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    They tell us the cut was made, I look in my diad work is there , go on the road start looking for the packages not in my truck, I call center they tell me to meet the driver, okay just adding to the overtime.......