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    Interesting that UPS announced on Tuesday Jan 25th in the morning that two UPS billing locations are closing and 190 jobs will be gone. Oh wait not gone just moved to India.. same day as the Presidents State of Union address on how to keep and grow jobs in the US...Maybe if companies were fined or lose tax breaks when they moves jobs to other countries they would think twice.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    They would include the fines or tax impacts in their financial analysis.
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    I see plenty of unprofitable private organizations and governments cutting jobs during this recession. Extremely scary to see a profitable company following suit. I know an organization needs to be proactive in cutting costs and increasing profits, but it seems the bottom line is king in this country.
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    That's 190 more people that will no longer be able to affford to use a company as costly as UPS. Do these companies realize when you lay someone off you could also be losing a customer. Our corporations wont be happy until everyone makes minimum wage.
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    Just like me, won't use UPS. The drivers are overworked with long hrs as is.
    Give my business to Fedex instead and it's cheaper !
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    Then why do you post on a ups workers forum. I don't want to here that $h|+.
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    Hmmm! What if some Atlanta jobs were transferred to India? That could save some real cash!
  9. klein

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    Pretty much double standards !????!!!!!
    Unless you think being laid off as a long term dedicated employee, is more forgivable then a short term employee being terminated.
    I don't think so.
  10. Anonymous 10

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    What don't you think? If we send every good paying job somewhere else where will this get us??
  11. klein

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    In the short term it sucks , I agree !
    But you need to think long term.

    These 3rd world countries will have more money, they will buy more goods and services across the world.
    But not only that, they will also eat, wine and dine more.
    I think agricuture, in the future, will be huge in North America, as more people in the world need more food.
    They have and will need more cars, more electricity, more energy.
    Those are things we can provide to them, and ofcourse technoligy, planes, trains, etc.

    Face it, the only way the US can expand and get rid of a trade deficit, is when other countries actually have (job) growth, and therefore money to buy goods.
    America needs buyers for their goods, don't you think ?
  12. kmjs14

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    A corporations ultimate goal is their own survival. Many do not concern themselves with the future impacts on our nation (this includes environmental, economy, etc.) If they did, we would not need the government to step in and create laws to regulate the industries. However there are a few ethical companies out there.
  13. klein

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    I totally agree with that statement, too !
    If you ever watched the Simpsons , thats a great example of companies taken advantage of no regulations.
    In the above case, Krusty Burger and ofcourse the nuclear plant (3 eyed fish, Homer running the plant with no knowlege, etc)

    Speaking of Krusty Burger, looks like Taco Bell is in hot trouble, for not having beef, in their beef tacos LOL !
  14. Monkey Butt

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    LOL klein! Now that's funny!
  15. klein

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    I had to re-read that, yes, funny.
    wkmac might want to watch the Simpsons now - get a feeling of how a liberated town works ! LOL

    oh gee, can`t forget to mention their healthcare !
  16. soberups

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    I can forsee the day in the near future when the majority of our "management" will take place from India.

    Our Telematics data will transmit in real time to an office in Mumbai, and each package car will be equipped with a video screen supporting a live data feed direct from that office. If we are failing for whatever reason to maintain the expected SPORH, some guy named Patel will appear on the screen and lecture us in broken, heavily accented English on the need to maintain a greater sense of urgency.

    Patel will be online and actively supervising up to 100 drivers at the same time. The dispatch... as well as all relevant decisions about the day-to-day operation of the business... will all be planned and made from that same office on the other side of the world. Our PCM's will take place in front of a giant video monitor where Patel and his cohorts will lead us all in the daily recitation of the Ten Point Commentary . And the handful of actual "live" management people that we drivers will have contact with will be little more than minimum-wage flunkies who are given the mundane tasks that require a live human presence, but who have no authority to make any meaningful operational decisions.

    Its pretty much that way right now, except its coming from Atlanta instead of Mumbai.
  17. worldwide

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    Where has it been stated that these jobs will be 1) gone and 2) moving to India?

    The facts are that about 80 full and part-time employees of the Des Moines center and about 110 employees at UPS billing center in Columbia, S.C. will be either absorbed into other UPS operations or provided severance packages based on length of employment.

    The shutdowns are part of a UPS plan that was drawn up during the past 18 months to reduce the number of U.S. billing centers from ten to eight. Different functions at the billing centers would be closed at different times as UPS moves those functions to its other U.S. centers.
  18. Coldworld

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    Yep...why is ups paying a manager 100K a year who can't make a decision about anything related to their "job" want to cut waste well there ya go....let patel do it for 5 bucks an hour and no stock...and probably do a better job!!!
  19. upsdon

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    We should replace all management with guys from cheap labor countries. Don't you think there are more talented people in a country of over a billion people. Think about it pay a Chinese ceo about a hundred thousand, thats like a million in US currency. About 2 percent of every population is genius level, so India and China have many more qualified upper management types. If you are a true capitalist this makes perfect sense.
  20. upandcomer

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    100% going to India. I work in one of these two buildings.

    They are going to Pune, India. This is not being hidden internally. It was announced in the letter they read aloud to both groups. The management leaves as early as this weekend and the transition begins at the end of March. Hiring began in December. I 100% believe this is the first of a major transition to move all shared service (Billing first, then Collections, Payroll, Customer Service) aspects to Pune.

    People are being offered jobs if they are available (which means moving out state in most cases), or will be given a severance package.