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    So i have been preloading for 2yrs now and i transferref to a brandnew building same local in hopes of landing a full time driver spot i do saturday airs and management keeps telling me they will have a slot for me soon been in the new building for 4 months now and the same things are being said.. I know i have to wait till after peak to be put on the full time driver list.. Do i stay and wait or do i go back to my old building if i can?
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    Can you transfer back to your old building after only four months? I'm not sure if you can. I'd ride it out till after peak and see what happens.
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    I am pretty sure you will have to wait at least a year before you can transfer again.
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Yup, I was gonna say a year but I think it depends on your mine I believe it's 6 months.
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    Holy no patience, bat person.

    You waited 2 years and that was too long, so you moved to another building and a couple of months is too long????

    I am thinking that you need to take a chill pill.
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    You better check to see if those 2 building are covered under the same seniority list first. In my local there are 3 buildings and one FT seniority list for all 3 buildings. If they let you transfer not be a education transfer I would say that they might be on the same seniority list.

    Also management can tell you anything it all comes down to if you have enough seniority and a clean driving record when they post a position.