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    Where can I get information on Walk-In clinics, dentists, and such that accept AETNA near me?
  2. drewed

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    Go to and career (or whatever it is the 3rd tab) then there should be a health and something tab then it should drop down with an aetna link click it then a aetna page will pop up enter in your info and then the criteria of your search and viola!
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You may be able to go to the Aetna website, register, and access the information there.
  4. dilligaf

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    You should have gotten the book with all the listings of Doctors offices etc, when UPS sent you your health and welfare package. Contact HR and let them know if you didn't receive it.
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    Just call the 800 number on your card for the straight answer!
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