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    been driving the same air route for about 1 1/2 years now. At the time i started their was another air driver on a different route as mine. To my knowledge, he/she went RTD driving then back to working the night shift i believe. I bid on this route and won it from another driver that went f/t driving...but last week i was told that this other air driver was coming back and that i would be bumped back to preload. Granted, i know he does have more senority than me, but can they do this since i won the bid?
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    I believe you answered the question yourself. On the bright side, you have 1.5 yrs driving experience, which will only help you as you continue to move up the ladder. Hopefully your return to the preload is short-lived.
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    Yeah, as Upstate said, you are bumped. Are you the lowest seniority air driver in your center/list? You should be able to bump another air driver lower in seniority if applicable.
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    in our building they wont let FT drivers that used to be air to bump back when laid off. they put them on pre-load. contractually its cloudy but even though the FT driver was qualified under article 40, he lost his grievance and worked in the building for about 6 weeks after peak.
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    Darn I've been waiting for someone to bump me.
    I'd welcome it.
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    I'm not familiar with what "RTD" stands for, but... I was under the impression that the only time someone has the right to "bump" another, is when they themself are displaced, ex... laid off, bumped by another, transferred unwillingly to another place. I don't think a person that WILLINGLY pursued a different opportunity and then decides to come back has the right to bump someone from a route that was bid on.
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