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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by okupser, May 10, 2013.

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    Im new here and have a question for you gurus. Here's the story- I am a part time employee(international clerk/temorary coverage driver). In my center we have one full time driver that delivers saturday air and i have covered for him several times in the last year and i was paid the $12.50 an hour air rate. Here's my question-I am starting a new position next week and it's a brand new part time air shuttle to the airport. I am wondering if my air pay progression will start next week when I begin this job or did my air rate progression start almost a year ago the first time that I covered Saturday air delivery? Hope somebody can help me out. Thanks in advance!!
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    Your air rate started when you started doing Saturday air. Question is, why is a full time driver delivering on Saturdays? Unless he is a 22.3 Tuesday to Saturday driver.
  3. I agree with Opie. Your progression should have started the first Saturday you delivered air. Good luck on that new position. That was the last P/T job I held before going F/T driving. It's a great job.