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    I received an offer for a job interview next week for a line maintence supervisor in louisville. I currently work for UAL as a line maint supervisor. I am looking for any info on what it is like to work aircraft maintenance at louisville.
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    The weather should be good most of the year. If I were you I would ask for a tour of the facility after your interview and ask pertinent questions using your knowledge of your skill.
    Good luck
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    Thank you
    I am looking more for things like what shifts do they work, how many overnighters, how many amts per supervisor etc...
  4. Lots of weekend work and nights. Daytime is old dudes ready to retire soon and they can clean windows like no one else. Great at filling tires with air and putting in a can of oil too.
  5. todsgto

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    Thank you
    Do you work aircraft maintenance?
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    Hi - I'm Dixie Doll. This is my very first post to the site, but I've been an observer for a long time. I hate to start my first post off with a negative reply but, I'm sorry, this one caught my attention. I don't know how long you've been with UAL buddy, but, having first hand reason to know, you'd be a fool to accept this position. I know I'll never convince you over what they will make the job sound like. Your blood will have to run brown if you want to keep this job.:thumbdown :thumbdown
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    Interesting that they would be hiring a line supervisor as they lay off mechanics. Sounds like your about to step in something.
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    Yea something doesn't smell right here, they are laying off mechanics and they are hiring sups???? Do yourself a favor stay at UAL...... Also they "NEVER" hire sups right off the street!!!!
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    This thread is a year old Unionman.
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    Thank god for search function which causes necroposting...
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    Man....I feel like a :censored2:!!!! I usually check that before responding!!!
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    Hi Unionguy,

    I don't work in Sdf, but I can tell like any airline shifts vary though most of sups start off working next day air Mon-Fri nights these are the easiest shifts to handle, mostly 2-4 hour turns. there is also a pretty big weekend operation mostly PS checks(glorified dailys) and other scheduled work, most of those guys work 4 tens days & nights. I am not sure how things are at United but UPS is a very profitable company though raises & 401k matches have been frozen for this year. Ups Sups never talk about compensation so I can't help you there, but I can tell you that we have had alot of sups come from Delta within the last couple of years.

    Good Luck on your interview