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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by gsx1990, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. gsx1990

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    I find it very interesting that other airlines
    such as United are asking for pay cuts from their
    employees, but UPS mechanics turned down a 25%+
    raise to become the highest paid in the industry.
    Something wrong here? It seems some of the
    union folks only want money when the times are
    good but aren't willing to sacrifice when times
    are bad!

    Keep demanding more you guys!!! Eventually someone will find a way to underprice ya! Its
    the American way!
  2. kjones514

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    UPS is not an airline it is a trucking company, a very wealthy trucking company. UAL, like UPS is very poorly managed this is the way to compare them.
  3. gsx1990

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    uh huh,
    keep thinking that way kjones..... Greed
    does funny things to people's heads. Apparantly
    it has done it to yours. Lets see you and your
    teamster bosses manage a big company. NOT!
  4. michael

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    Why do you stay at a place where you are so dissatisfied?
  5. thedrooler

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    What do you base your observation that UPS is a poorly managed company on? Is it the fact that it is the largest and most successful transportation/logistics company in the world, or is it because they continue to employ a knucklehead like you?

  6. kjones514

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    Go to, the latest update is that we could be released from mediation to start our "30 day cooling off" period. The RLA of 1928 provides us with detailed rules that must be followed in case of a impasse. Again folks, I do no hate UPS, I just hate to see so much unproductive, shortsited judgement calls, and mismanagement in the Air Division. UPS may run like a "well-oiled" machine in the ground side, but the air side is run like an out of controlled train, glad most of you are not here to see it. You are lucky to see the ground side operate with precise, accurate, and skilled managers, hopefully you will never have to see the Air Operation. Finally, how many companies have a RN on the Aircraft Acquisition Team, of did they just need her in case someone fainted during the A-300-600 P&W 4000 contract signing.
  7. charlie

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    UPS Airline Mechanics Contract Update From The IPA Site:

    {UPS/MECHANICS RESUME TALKS} UPS and its mechanics are returning to the bargaining table next week. Talks will resume Tuesday and Wednesday between the Company and Teamsters Local 2727 at the NMB headquarters in Washington, D.C. As you may recall, the mechanics overwhelmingly rejected a tentative agreement with the Company last March. Local 2727 Secretary Treasurer Jack Chatburn talked to IPNN today about the upcoming meetings.

    {CHATBURN} Well, as you said well be meeting with the Company at the NMB in Washington, D.C. on August 6 and 7 and also the following two consecutive weeks in Washington at the NMB. Right now our members are pretty anxious about the fact we have been recessed and they as well as us are looking forward to getting back in next week.

    {SHELLEY:} Do you think the fact that the Teamsters were able to reach an agreement prior to the strike deadline, does that change anything in terms of your negotiations?

    {CHATBURN:} No, really the groundside agreement has no bearing with respect to our contract and our members.

    {SHELLEY:} The mechanics rejected the last contract offer, what were the sticking points?

    {CHATBURN:} I think a lot of it has to do with number 1, the farming out of our work. Number 2 would have to be compensation packages and benefits with respect to medical benefits, especially medical benefits past the age of 65, 401K match, defined contribution we have and also hourly wages.

    {SHELLEY:} I know the two sides were pretty far apart during the last round of negotiations, are you optimistic that gap can be narrowed?

    {CHATBURN:} That will all depend upon the Company. As far as my optimism I guess you could say its cautious optimism. Im not exactly sure where the Company is with respect to what our demands are and what they anticipate what well come back to the table with. At this point in time, we wont know that until we all get together next week.

    {SHELLEY:} So, the same issues that were sticking points previously are still the same issues youll be dealing with.

    {CHATBURN:} Absolutely, our position is that the government, in this particular case the National Mediation Board and the mediators, I think our President Joe Darmento has expressed on more than one occasion, both over the phone and in writing, the NMB needs to allow us to do our job which is to get back together with the Company and negotiate the contract and not to intervene as far as trying to dictate or convince us that certain demands we make upon the Company are out of line. We just need to get back in there and do our job and that is negotiate the contract.

    {SHELLEY:} Additional meetings between UPS, the Teamsters Local 2727 and the NMB are planned August 12 through the 16 and August 19 through the 23.
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    I really wish the mechanics would strike, I'm tired of being threatened with it. I'm starting to think they don't have the guts to do it since they would probably have to do with the caviar and champaigne while on strike. Strike, get replaced and lets see if we can find some mechanics that actually appreciate having an above average job with Brown.
  9. smlsrtgrl

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    You do work in an air operation don't you.
    I work at Omaha Eppley.
    Where are you?
  10. kjones514

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    With the help of the NMB it looks like and UPS are getting farther away from an agreement. Why does UPS give their drivers and pilots the moon but then kick sand in the mechanics eyes? The hotline has been updated, you can view it on the website and come to your own conclusion. Please dont give me the usual "airline woes", since UPS is NOT an airline.
  11. robonono

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    UPS is an airline, the 9th larghest. Sorry, but those are the facts - live with it.
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    With the help of the NMB it looks like and UPS are getting farther away from an agreement.

    I remember a posting on 2727 in which the president of the local announced that the NMB told him that until the IBT's demands were more reasonable (and more in line with the TA) you could just chill out.

    Wanna know how many mechanics have been on the street for almost a year now?

    It may be time for more aggressive measures on the part of the company. Your skills are inflated in value at this time.

    If you are still here after it shakes out, kudos. Otherwise, goodbye.
  13. kjones514

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    Well, if UAL and USAir go under then it will be #7, oh I still stand by my 50 bucks an hour. If UPS has the highest paid drivers and pilots why will they not pay their mechanics top scale?
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    kj, you just don't get it. USAirways, United, American, and other airlines are talking bankruptcy because their costs are so high that they cannot make a profit. The union has made some concessions with USAirways, but insufficient to make a difference. United and American aren't even that fortunate.

    The unions keep demanding more and more until they force the companies into bankruptcy, and then complain how the mean old companies are laying off their union members.

    Your attitude of DEMANDING more - demands that the mediating board has said are unreasonable, is a perfect example of unreasonable greed.
  15. gsx1990

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    >If UPS has the highest paid drivers and pilots >why will they not pay their mechanics top scale?

    WOW! What a short memory. UPS offered to
    make you the highest paid. Don't you remember?
    83% of your brothers voted it down. I wonder if
    83% of your brothers know what the word GREED
  16. kjones514

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    O.K. what about the benefits that were left out. 83% of the members are hard working employees and we deserve fair pay for a fair days work.
  17. kjones514

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    The other 17% are good workers too, except they thought UPS had given us a fair deal, which they know now that they were lowballed.
  18. thedrooler

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    Let the mechanics strike. The planes will still fly. I think there will be a surplus of qualified mechanics in the job market from United and U.S. Airways looking to latch on with a company like UPS.

  19. charlie

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    Update on the mechanics negotiations from the IPA site:

    Its Tuesday, August 20. Im Eric Cooper with an IPNN Update.

    Talks between UPS and the Mechanics have stalled once again. Both sides met with the NMB in Washington for a solid week and made progress on some issues, but they are still unable to reach resolution on key issues such as top rate, medical enhancement and pensions. The following is the hotline message from Aug. 16. by Mike Radtke, recording secretary for the mechanics.

    {RADTKE:} Deputy Chief of staff Larry Gibbons has stated we will remain in recess with no talks scheduled and he will recommend to the presidential board appointees that we should remain in recess until we all grow whiskers or we agree to the companys proposal. With the assistance of the International Union and our attorney Roland Wilder, the negotiating team is studying our options at this time.

    {ERIC:} Well keep you posted on any and all developments or whisker growth.
  20. charlie

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    Mr. Jones - Please explain "lowballed". Does it mean "job security"?, "great benifits"?, "working for an airline that actually makes a profit"?, "being offered the highest wages in the industry, while other airlines are filing for bankruptcy and reducing their mechanics and other employee staffing"? Let's call it downsizing.
    A little advice......if I were you, I'd take the offer while it's still on the table, before it's reduced, and laugh all the way to the bank.