UPS focuses alot on their "belief" that their drivers try to "steal" time


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have NEVER seen any Teamster fired for production
Can't recall myself either seeing a Teamster fired for production....that's not what I said, hope I didn't imply that.

Trying to discipline over any type of production would be harassment. A Teamster having to deal with the harassment is what's frustrating, but that's been going on for decades.

The fact we have been dealing with increased tech to further push this agenda on employees that have only been giving far more than what's deemed realistic was the point of my arguement.


It's a vicious cycle
How many accounts have we lost from pre-covid to now, and what does our stock price look like,
the stock has doubled. it was trading flat for like 8 years around $100/share and since covid it's been trading around $200/share. that's not helping make your case