Airport Handlers?

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    Hello all,
    I am fairly new to posting here, but here it goes..
    I'm currently a switcher at a FedEx Ground facility (Really just a package handler). I worked last peak as a UPS driver helper as well (big no-no, but what they don't know won't hurt them), only for the extra cash, Absolutely NO intent to work for UPS in the future. I got an unsolicited call today from one of the HR folks at UPS and she told me they were looking for people to work an evening shift at the local airport loading/unloading planes, but I didn't get many details since she seemed to be in a rush. They are having some sort of an open interview tomorrow, and I plan to go over there and if nothing else, learn a bit more about it. But I was just curious if anybody here works/has worked at an airport location and could tell me a little about the job? I'm assuming there is more can-pushing than anything else, but I have NO experience with loading/unloading planes.
    Any input would be appreciated!
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    does it really matter? at that pay-level pretty much all work is equivalent

    i would be looking at whether the hours fit my schedule, whether the location was convenient, and most of all the pay and benefits
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    I occasionally run an air shuttle to/from the airport. From what I have seen the cans are all moved by a "tug" after they come off the plane. I assume someone has to push the tug in the plane to the door. UPS came up with a floor full of balls/rollers that make moving cans easy. They simply unload the tug to the belt, someone sorts it, and then the drivers load it on their truck or the airport workers load it back to a can (to be loaded on a feeder and taken to the proper center). They don't look like they work very hard (compared to preloaders in a center). Crap... did I just give away our secrets?