Al-Qaida claims it caused UPS plane crash in Dubai

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    Al-Qaida claims it caused UPS plane crash in Dubai - Fox News

    A Yemen-based al-Qaida group has claimed responsibility for the downing of a United Parcel Service cargo plane in Dubai in September.

    Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula also says it was behind the mail bomb plot uncovered by international authorities late last week.

    A U.S. official has said that authorities have found no evidence that the crash of the Boeing 747-400 was caused by a bomb. Investigators still don't know what caused the fire that erupted on the plane's main cargo deck.
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    It took them over a month to claim responsibility? Weird.
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    As reported by Fox News.
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    They also caused my nose hairs to curl
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    Oh. Nevermind.
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    Probably because they wanted to keep trying it UNTIL they got caught. If you succeed and your goal is to continue "downing" the planes and investigators are none the wiser, why would you claim that?
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    Because they never got caught. If they brought down the plane, and they claim credit, suddenly it slows down air transport and consumes resources trying keeping the air lanes safe.
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    I don't think terrorism should be ruled out at all. The Emirates people seemed quick to state that a bomb was not involved, but not so quick to state what was the cause.

    A bomb smoldering versus exploding.....very plausible. (Citing "underwear bomber")

    I am certain that the US Authorities are looking at every aspect of #6. The info from the Emirates authorities does not seem to be thoroughly investigated, as seen by the quick response......Unless...........there is a bigger investigation underway and we (US) do not want to tip our hand. Perhaps the release of the Al Qaida info was withheld and then released AFTER the failed attempts?????

    I've said it before... Conventional terrorism no longer applies.

    They are not a bunch of :censored2:s living in caves that are clueless. (People sit and discuss scenarios, I'm sure. Saying "that probably won't happen"is answered with a reassignment.
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    Rumour has it that Al Quaida believes it can cause the downfall of the united states by destroying UPS.

    I have suspected for a long time that members of Al Quaida have infiltrated UPS in large numbers, taking supervisory and managerial positions in the hopes of destroying the company with the implementation of insane policies.

    Need proof?, just open your eyes.

    Yes, hoax, antisocks, I know.