All Female-Flight to Billings

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    All Female-Flight to Billings - KULR

    Celebrations for international women's day reached new heights Tuesday.

    A United Parcel Service airplane landed in Billings with a special delivery of an all female-flight crew flew into town to inspire a new generation of lady pilots on this 100th celebration of international women's day.

    Captain Terri Donner said right now about 6-percent of pilots are women. She says at the age of 16 she fell in love with being in the sky and made her way to the top within six years.
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    They were heading to the wrong airport but stopped to ask directions :happy2:
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    I have a friend who worked part time at UPS and wanted to become a UPS pilot. She took all her flight training and got the certification to qualify as one but UPS jerked her around so much she got fed up and quit. Last I heard she was flying for a major airline and happy as could be. Isn't it refreshing to hear a story with a happy ending once in awhile.
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    I remember once flying a major airline . A pre flight announcement was made saying that this flight was making history for the industry as a ALL female flight crew was serving on the flight.
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    And yet, someone STILL left the seat up!!