Already fed up with cart drivers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ColdHarvest, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. ColdHarvest

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    My drops are either full of cry babies, morons, or those incapable of doing the job.

    One girl can barely lift 20lb packages. But, she tries.

    Have an old (60) army vet who tells anyone within ear shot that he's a vet, who is so fat he breathes heavily just walking. Constantly cries about load, as if it's some conspiracy the load he gets. He literally complains that his load is too much compared to the others. I tried explaining to him that we don't collude with customers who order stuff so that he gets the most. He legit starts freaking out if another cart driver at that drop isn't there while we are unloading. As if it's his business or worry about that route.

    I've explained the phone to one guy 4 times. Still hasn't gotten it. Easiest damn thing in the world to use, and he can't grasp it.

    I'd say it would be nice for UPS to screen these people better, but I'm done in 2 months so F it.
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    Is the chick hot?
  5. ColdHarvest

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    Not even remotely.
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    Nope, Mario Kart. They play while mom brings Hot Pockets during the peak helper off-season. Weaker in the legs than you know who. Bones barely hold up at 1G (Earth's) gravity when standing.
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    Screen them?

    They fogged the mirror. HIRED!!!
  10. ColdHarvest

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    Apparently, sups do.

    When asked why I didn't answer multiple calls from him because the cart drivers on my drops needed help, I explained to him how it is dangerous to use a cell phone while driving. Per corporation guidance.

    Told him next time he needed to get ahold of me that bad, ping my DIAD. Which sent him into a fit. I clocked out, went home and got laid.

    Kinda different when you sups have to deal with someone with more than a HS education, and doesn't really need the job, isn't it?
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    How about 6 beers in and on a month long dry spell?
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    Where you going
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  15. ColdHarvest

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    6 figure job setting behind a desk all day long. No one yelling at you.
  16. ColdHarvest

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    Carbs = death so, no beer.

    Not even a half bottle of Stoli, and a 3 month dry spell.
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    That's bad.
  18. Mugarolla

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    You beat me to it.

    I was going to say that if they're breathing....

    They're good to go.
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  20. ColdHarvest

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    There's a whole big world outside the tiny little cardboard empire you live in.

    Sorry you didn't rate attending university. Take care of your joints, and if my air is 30 seconds late, I'll be on the phone with your sup.