Am I being screwed?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Newb, May 6, 2007.

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    I took the driving class last September of last year and there were 6 others in the class with me. There have been 3 more driving classes since I took the class and the people that had more senority than me are now ahead of me on the driving list. I don't think this is right because I took the class before they did and I havent got to drive yet and they keep putting bid sheets up when they have several drivers that have taken the class already and haven't been on the road yet. They even made me retake the class in March of this year to get retrained and yet they are still having driving classes after driving classes. Is there anything that I can do about this?
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    Either there is more to this story or you are getting screwed. Why did you take the class again? Why haven't you been on the road yet?
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    I`m pretty sure the driving list goes by senority , Have you talked to your shop steward or BA
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    The driving list goes by seniority. So doesn't matter when you take the class, the people with higher seniority have more right to take a drivers position then you. I had a similar thing, but I got screwed and wasn't grandfathered. My situation was different though. When I started, when you signed up on the driver list was your order of pull in to the driver position. Didn't go by seniority, and was a continous drivers sheet. I was asked to go driving several times, but I wasn't 21, so had to keep turning it down. Less then a couple months before I turned 21, they changed the list from "first come, first served" to "seniority". Personally, I feel the names on the list should've been grandfathered. So I went from being #2 on the list to #8 overnight. Wasn't a biggie, but I'd have driver seniority over a good 5 drivers right now who went driving (and would've went driving 6 months sooner). But that's old history now.

    Not much you can do. I know guys who have driven NON STOP as utility drivers. A guy who NEVER DROVE had signed up and went straight into driving without any experience. So it's not when you take the class, it's your seniority.
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    I took the class again b/c they said I had to since I haven't been on the road yet. The reason I haven't been on the road yet is simply b/c noone has told me that I can drive yet since there are still people in front of me on the list. I understand that people with more senority deserve the job more than I do but what I have a problem with is they keep putting up bid sheets when they don't need drivers. There are plenty of people that are already trained and waiting.