Am I the only one who can't login into

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    I've had the same login info for 8+ years, and now I can't login. If I try to use the "forgot password" link, it tells me "Security Administration System has encountered a problem: Authentication Failed."

    I'm sure my ID and password are correct, and my security answers are correct as well. What do you think? Hacked?

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Initially got an error message, then gi retried logging on. No problem second time
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    I checked my pay stub about an hour ago, logged in on my first try. I doubt your account's been hacked but I can definitely see how the information contained therein might be considered valuable by white-collar criminals. Maybe there's a problem with the website/network authenticating your computer (and not the password and username you use)? I'm not sure how or why this would happen, but I do know that when I incorrectly enter my password or username I get this message:

    Log in Failed. Please Try Again.

    I can only imagine the authentication issue lies elsewhere, or they have multiple error alerts when a person can't recall their log-in information. The latter doesn't seem very likely, though...
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    You get access denied 6 months after you retire. I guess things on that site are considered top secret even though UPS still manages pension and health care.
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    It seemed a little slow this morning but I got on......
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    They are taking down certain parts for a GEMS update. So I am sure that the site is just having an issue due to their maintenance. Won't make a link since that's a TOS. Should be back Monday.

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    parts of ecars r down 2 4 consolidation 2. was posted up a week or 2
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    It's always terrible the day they put paychecks up. Some days are fine, but I remember my first FT check I couldn't access the site until the following day. Hmmph!