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    Amazon used to be just books and CDs. Now I deliver pet food, baby diapers, and about anything under the sun. An interesting factoid about their logo is the swoosk that runs from the A to the Z in their name, because they supposedly sell everything.
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    I deliver to a MBE store and one of their customers is the Canadian version of Judge Judy. She orders quite a bit from Amazon. Did you know you can order Pop Tarts from Amazon? She ordered Pop Tarts, among other grocery items, NDA Saturday.
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    I love Amazon. The variety of merchandise offered is amazing and they don't collect sales tax.

    They even give you free streaming movies, tv content and free unlimited second day shipping with a $79 prime account. Yesterday I bought a roku 2 box so we can use wifi to stream those free movies etc. right onto our tv.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I bought a Panasonic 3-D blu-ray player with built in wi-fi and use Netflix to stream movies.
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    That's a nicer way to go upstate. I'm more frugal than you are. :peaceful:
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    It was on sale for $169 at Best Buy--I had a couple of reward zone certificates which took $10 off of that so it really wasn't that bad.
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    I love Amazon. I have a prime account and since I am a college student I get it free for a year. I don't know if my ups driver likes it. He delivers here at least twice a week. But I don't buy pop tarts from amazon since I coupon I can get them cheaper and Publix.
  9. UPSGUY72

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    I also have a Blue ray surround sound system that has WiFi. Two weeks ago I upgraded my tv to a 55 Vizio that has Wifi built in.
  10. barnyard

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    On another board that I frequent, there are users loving Amazon prime and use it for all their dog food. Hard to believe that Amazon has that much margin in dog food that they can afford to ship it....
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    Nothing is free you are paying for shipping one way or the other. People are willing to pay more for a product being delivered to their house for convenience. Prime shipping is a scam to make people think they are getting a great deal. Although some deals might be good. I find that I can find the same products cheaper at local stores most of the time it just takes a little leg work.
  12. ORLY!?!

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    I like amazon, they give us great buisness. But there are times where I'm like " WHY AMAZON, WHYYYY! ". Theres a person that orders cat litter threw them, and 9 out of 10 times, the damn box is open and pooring out litter everywhere. That stuff is better in the box for cats to use, not all over your body and face. Or the times when someone orders million things from there and the company ends up dumping it all into one box. Yea, that cardboard isnt rated for that much weight, geniuses.
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    I'm glad to see Amazon Prime catching on. My hub is seeing more and more 2nd day air trailers for pickup because of all the 2nd day business Amazon is generating probably through Amazon Prime. I'm thinking of signing up myself since I do most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon anyway.
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    Great thread and informative. I use Amazon also for a lot of shopping. I never heard of prime.
    Now I will research it. The one thing that really makes me smile is that most items I order come from us-UPS.:happy2:
  15. Monkey Butt

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    Ordered a 3600 dpi laser mouse on Friday and received it on Monday via Amazon Prime.
    No tax, no shipping and $10 less than WalMart and Fry's.
  16. Jones

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    I've been a prime member since they first started offering it, it easily pays for itself every year just from the savings in shipping costs.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    One thing I like about just plain old Amazon is you only have to order $25 for free shipping.
    Penney's requires $49 , and other stores, more.
    If I'm ordering from Amazon, it's rarely less than $25, so I usually qualify.
  19. brett636

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    The downside is not all items qualify for the free shipping(although a lot do). I've ordered more than $25 worth of stuff from Amazon and had to pay shipping because some of the items did not qualify for the free super saver shipping method.
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    What's up with the diapers and dog food offered at Amazon? Is it really so much cheaper that our customers consistently buy them at Amazon? I ask this because I was on a baseline Friday that did 81 miles with the 1st stop being less than .25 miles from the building so if you miss something its many miles back to deliver the one or two you can't find while your at that stop. Anyway, it was Friday and I wanted to go home but the preloader loaded a parcel on the opposite shelf and I found it when I was 2 miles way from the stop.

    It was from Amazon and it was a NDA saver. It was a box of diapers. I'm thinking to myself its 1850 on a Friday and all I want to do is go home. I just wanted to sheet it as missed. However, I started thinking that this woman requested NDA saver delivery for a reason and I'm thinking her infant was going to run out of diapers during the weekend so the guilt got the better of me and I went and delivered it. With all the traffic and stop lights it took me about 30 minutes to complete the stop but my mind was clear of all guilt after this.

    Sure enough, I was questioned on Monday as to why I punched out at 1940 when my sup. was looking at the computer at 1830 and I had 5 stops left. Even when you question yourself about doing the right thing or not, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. After this, I'm thinking its just going to be sheeted as missed unless it looks like it might be important to someone.

    Normally, if it was just diapers with a ground label, I wouldn't have thought twice about sheeting it as missed. But, this woman paid for NDA saver delivery for her diapers for a reason and thought I needed to get them delivered so her baby could expel all weekend and she wouldn't need to run out and pay extra at CVS for diapers after she already paid a premium for the day-definite delivery.

    Still, what's up with NDA delivery of diapers, lol? What is our society coming to? Can you imagine going back in time to 1945 Berlin with the Soviets surrounding the city and telling those poor citizens with no food, water, heat, or electricity that a woman called and whined and complained that she didn't get her baby's diapers on the desired day? Or her DVD that she ordered? Or she called and complained to say the driver didn't ring the bell with her new IPad? Its pretty pathetic were people's priorities are these days. No?