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    20 miles outside of a “big city” SC

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    Lucky bastard.:happy2:
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    It's weird, there's a massive Amazon distribution center 15 min from my center and yet they still don't do Amazon delivery out of it. It opened about 3 years ago.
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    DHL was around before they bought Airborne. They ran white vans with red lettering. I used them to send some paperwork from St. Louis to Neosho, MO because their terminal was down the street from where I worked.
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    But then nobody can be FedUp. Lol.
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    He (I think it's he) just got in on the ground level. The older members of the FNN probably feed him bogus info to see if he spreads it. Lol.
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    DHL is a lot closer to becoming Amazon than UPS or Fedex. You dumb Fu ksthibk because they aren't in the US ground delivery segment that they don't exist. They are the largest supply chain company in the world. The largest delivery company outside of the US .they have a really large web hosting service that runs sites like Etsy. They do ground shipping in almost every other country. They have cargo ships etc.

    All of that is a lot bigger than UPS and fedFe just saying.

    UPS and FedEx are one trick poneys. They better learn to adapt or they will eventually be overrun or at the very least reduced. Amazon's ability to generate FCF to invest immediatly is second to none.