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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Channahon, Apr 22, 2008.

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    My computer and cell phone both display amber allerts in my area.

    BTW Chan, the link does not work.

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    Both links worked for me.
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    I read somewhere--probably here on BC--that the DIAD has the capability to receive such information. The problem lies in the fact that activating the feature allows other activities, such as web-surfing. As a result, UPS simply hasn't activated it. UPS's programmers certainly have a way to block certain activities but I'd be surprised if corporate gave the order. -Rocky
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    i thought the same on the first does say page not found or something along those lines but on the right side is the video clip...
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    I highly doubt that I.E. would ever allow Amber Alerts to be displayed on our DIADS. There isnt a time allowance for responding to one....and it might decrease our SPORH.
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    I've never heard of an Amber alert before...

    What exactly is it ?
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    Are you serious Rodster? Amber Alert is a local/nationwide alert system that law enforcement can activate for missing children. I, like Danny, have it set for my cell and computer. As UPS drivers we have the widest network of eyes and ears in the country. Corporate should activate the system for our diads. What a PR boon that would be.
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    how do you set it for your cell?
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    Tie, Go to and click on your state in the top right corner. Once you get to your state you should be able to find a link to go to for text/e'mails for local amberalerts.
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    Completely serious. But I don't own a TV or listen to the radio... And they never taught me about amber alerts in school.
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    I hope I didn't offend you. I don't know how old you are Rodster, so not learning it in school may not be that surprising. I think that AMBERALERT is relatively new (10/15 yrs). I am surprised that you don't own a TV or radio. I assume that in this day and age every one has these ammenties. (My bad).
    Do you read all the news on your computer then? Just curious. :happy2:
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    Just read the lcoal newspaper on my computer. I'm not too far removed from university. Just never heard "amber alert" before...
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    Well AMBERALERT is a great thing. Only law enforcement can activate it and when they do it will send out messages to all areas invovled with details of the missing child. Here in AZ they will even post it on the digital signs that you see over the highways. (the signs that warn of accidents ahead). All the news/radio stations will broadcast AMBERALERTS for as longs as they remain in affect.
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    Sound like a nice service. I live in a medium sized town with very little crime and no digital signs over the highway! It is extremely seldom that a kid goes missing around here!
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    That's great Rodster. I can't imagine what some of these parents have to go through when their child goes missing.
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    What about a permanent Amber Alert thread in the Brown Cafe?
    I have no technical knowledge on how it could be set up.
    We are the eyes out there.
    We might be able to save a child.
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    Awesome idea Sat. Why don't you ask Cheryl about it?