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  1. jkcthird

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    Has anyone dealt with this company and are they legit. Got a call one day from them and next day they showed up my door step.
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  3. scratch

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    I used to have a term life policy with them before I went with Lincoln Benefit Life. They are legit, but I would advise that you shop around to find the best deal.
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    Do they also sell supplemental health, sickness, accident and disability insurance?

    Scratch is right--with the Internet it is very easy to compare companies.
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    Find a good ins. broker. They do all the work, check out all the companies, compare all the coverages and report back to you so you can decide which one you want.

    We found the broker valuable when deluged by offers about medicare. He was able to fully explain everything, tell us the difference in all the plans so we could choose which one suited us best. We had more than 50 ins companies send garbage out about medicare. They are still coming!!
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    They called you ???? IF you didn't initiate contacting them and they just called you up don't use them. If you need insurance do to a local independent insurance person in your area. (and not one located a bank) Ask people you know in your area and see who they use and if they have any problems with the people.
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    Not sure, i originally signed up with them through my Local, so I would imagine they do offer it. There are several search engines to use to compare insurance plans, I need to look at mine again and find a better deal before I get too old. Term policies are supposed to be the better way to go than whole life, the money you save could be invested in something better.
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    Well.....let me tell you about my experience with AIL.

    Got signed up May 2011. Never did receive a copy of the actual policy but we did have the pink copy of the breakdown prepared by the agent. A short time later we got a call from the company saying we could add accidental death benefit for my wife for a nominal fee(like 6 bucks a month). We said yes and then after looking at the pink copy we discovered that that was already supposed to be on the policy.

    Over the next 8 months we tried our local agent, the regional supervisor and corporate office repeatedly to try to correct the discrepancies on the policy. Never did get a response. Since they were taking the payments directly from our checking account we notified the bank to disallow withdrawals from AIL. Then we notified the BBB. AIL maintained they did nothing wrong by changing the parameters of our policy without our consent.

    Got the union lawyer involved and we received a full refund of the premiums that we paid into AIL and our policy was cancelled? Supposedly.

    Got a phone call from the NEW regional agent and he knew nothing about this. The policy was still on the books 3 months after we were paid out. Told him my story and said I was no longer interested in dealing with his company.

    Find someone else for you life insurance needs.

    This is the part were the pen is mightier than the sword.