Amitriptyline disqualifying?

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  1. Anyone here take Amitriptyline? My Dr. wants me to take it for migraines. But, it sure has ALOT of side effects. I was surprised at my last physical(DOT)(I'm feeder) and had to completely change my meds as one of my meds was disqualifying(clonidine). As we all know, it gets scary when you read the list of side-effects.........usually they are worse than whatever you have. Of course it tells you not to drive, operate heavy machinery and so forth.........several of my bp meds say that also but are not disqualifying. Anyone?
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    Have you tried Botox? They say it works, and you don't have any wrinkles! j/k, but they do say it works.
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    Google it. That way you would get hits from other driving message boards. Widening the net, so to speak.

  4. I have.

  5. It's generally NOT covered by insurance.....$350 a pop........I really don't want to take another pill..........or get started on something and then have to stop it like at my last physical.
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    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    My wife had it for migraines, but it didn't work for her.
    She had to get pre-approval from insurance co. It was a few grand or slightly less I believe
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    post #6 has a link to what's supposedly allowed by the DOT. A girlfriend has them bad. She does acupuncture and botox, I guess. I think it varies person to person.
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    I used to get them real bad. Er visit bad. I tried everything. What worked premysyn - Google Search, for me. I would also give them to the guys on preload, once I assured them they would not grow breasts or have a cycle.
    Unscientific yes, but if you dont want to take pills with dangerous side effects, buy a bottle and try it out..........
    I have been blessed, down to about 1 bad, terrible headache a yr. When I feel it coming on, I take a couple, sit for a minute, and it goes away. The key is catching it AT FIRST sign, and you know the signs.
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    OMG!!!! I love Premsyn!!!! That :censored2: is the bomb!!!! My 'happy pills'!!!!!
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    How often do you get migraines? I take Axert, stops them cold with no side affects but it doesn't work for everyone.
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    So are you saying this antidepressant doesn't disqualify you? If not, you might want to give it a try. Doctors always weigh the benefits vs. the side effects before giving you a medicine. This type of A/D, which is one of the older one's has more unappealing side effects, but since it's older doctors have found more things they could do with it (i.e. Trazadone is a old A/D, but now primarily used for a sleeping med). I have taken Amitriptyline and recently something in the same family, but had serious side effects, so it only lasted a week. But, not everyone is sensitive to meds like I am.

    Now, there a medicine that works WONDERS for migraines, but I don't know if it will disqualify you or not. It's called Topamax and it's technically classified as an anti-seizuire medicine, but it has so many other benefits. Their website actually boasts that it's for migraines. There are side effects like all meds, but I haven't run into anything terrible and I'm on a pretty high dose. My biggest complaint was that it changed my taste buds, especially with carbonated beverages. I guess that was okay, because I'm a diet coke freak. One great side effect is that is helped me control my appetite.

    Look up Topamax, look up if it's okay to take while driving (I drive all the time on it, not well - ha ha), and then talk to your doctor about it.

    If you have any other questions about it or even the Amitriptyline, you can PM me if you want
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    Clonidine works on the Central Nervous System to decrease blood pressure. Most doctors will write a DOT exemption for you but the process in my area seems to take about 6 months.
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    I take a medicine that would disqualify me from driving without a waiver from the prescribing physician stating he has observed me amd believes, in his opinion, the side effects will not prevent me from operating the vehicle in a safe manner.

    Would your doctor be willing to provide such a waiver on your behalf?
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    Sometimes when my wife and I go to bed and I want a little she says she has a headache. I don't believe her but mayb there is something to this.
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    By the way, Premysn can be bought OTC for about 6 bucks, its worth a try, no worries about side effects, or disqualifying.
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