Inarticulable Customer Complaints


Good thing I wore my brown pants
Helps a lot, great advice.

Thankfully it's nothing sexual going on. It's always an old dude in the woods. One guy literally blocked the truck and tried to tell me to be more pleasant a while back before he called in.

Things get weird, and it's almost always after random dogs are ambushing the truck. One or two exceptions, but normally people hate when you're not excited to see their dog and they need to secure it before they get their package.

And, I mean... yeah... a dog or two may have run off after an encounter or two. But that's still not my fault.

EDIT: And I'm not a dick to every dog! My thing is just that I need to get the package car turned around before I run out and play with your wolf pack, and the harder the dogs make it the slower and louder I'll be with the package car. Some people get pissed off about it, I think, but most understand what I'm doing-- especially the ones that actually let me talk with them once we finally make contact.
Advice i got from a sup once "let the customer complain that you used your horn too much while backing... see how far that gets them"
He also didnt care about the "dont ring sleeping baby" notes. If you need a sig then get the sig. Wake the little guy up!


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Why? Your full time, your guaranteed eight.

Right after Christmas volume dropped tremendously. I saw an opportunity to spend more time with my family and jumped at it.

No worries, though, since I was pulled into the office I've been servicing the hell out of customers. Takes a while to make friends on-route, been out till about 21:00 every day since.