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    hello everyone!

    I'm going for my initial interview this coming week and had a few questions. The details for the interview said at the very end that you must have work experience driving a manual box truck which I don't technically have but I do drive a manual truck as my daily driver so I'm comfortable with a manual. I have a clean driving record and all of that. I do have experience driving a box truck for a temporary job I had. Will this disqualify me?

    My next question is probably worn out but I'll be working at a big hub (charlotte,nc) and was wondering if there is a chance for me to be hired on full time after the Christmas holiday? I'm sure the interviewer will express that there is but wanted a realistic opinion. I realize that this will depend on my performance as well as the hubs need but wanted to get a recent 2016 opinion (I read a lot of old posts about being hired on full time so I'm sure with an improving economy it could be different).

    Last question is do you have any advice for the interview/hiring process?

    I really appreciate any and all advice/opinions!
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    Your performance during Peak will go a long way in determining whether you are called back in the spring.
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    Thank you for the reply! If I'm offered the seasonal position I'll just be sure to do the best I can to improve my chances! Thanks!
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