(another) Unbelievable Warning Letter

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Billy, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Billy

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    I wish I could tell you all the issues I have to deal with while our center manager is on vacation. I can however tell you my story. Yesterday I had to call in because my wife had a high fever (104) and needed to visit a doctor. We have 4 kids ages 10, 7, 5, and 1. Needless to say an adult had to be home to care for them. My normal center manager is on vacation so we have a nice fill in center manager that lost her center while he's gone. When I placed the call to inform them I would not be in. I was greeted with our temp center manager using intimidating tones and remarks about my unavailability that day. I told her I was needed at home and hung up. The next day ( today ) I was given a warning letter for attendance. I am always at work early. Never R-O ( I need the money ) and rarely ever need to use a sick day. My attendance is easily top 5 in my center, perhaps even the building. ( 4 centers ) Naturally, I filled a grievance for the warning letter, but I also added a article 37 grievance as well. ( for the intimidation I got on the call in ) I asked about the 5 sick days and 5 personal days that I had. She stated that the sick days simply meant I would be paid the day, but still was subject to discipline. Has anyone ever heard of this? Seemed to me that she was trying to look important in hopes to get a new gig. I will be happy when she's gone...for good
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    Sorry, a female management ain't going to be let go!
    End of discussion.
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  4. She gave my first and only warning letter, since I am with the company. I think she is bored, trying to make herself look busy that's all. :) Good luck with her.
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    I hope you had a steward with you when she was talking to you. From what you said it sounds like she really doesn't know what she is doing?
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    Couldn't resist the Cable Guy post, sorry.
    Not familiar with your attendance policy there, but from what you wrote it would seem your well within the guidelines at any UPS hub.
    Here a warning letter cannot be grieved.
    Only recourse is to write a protest letter to accompany the warning letter in your file as a matter of record in any subsequent progressive disciplinary actions.
    With that said, they often issue ludacris warning letters here, serving no other purpose than to intimidate and coerce.
    If more people stood up to them when they tried these tactics, stories like these would be a lot less frequent.
    Stay the course and good luck.
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    Talk to your regular center manager when he gets back. With your attendance record, I would think he would have that letter pulled out of your file.
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    Bubblehead is right, right a protest letter for sure & don't sweat it.
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    I ditto what helenofcal said!!
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    ive always been under the assumption that you cannot be issued discipline for using a PAID sick day as long as you have some left thats ridiculous
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    Definitely worth a shot and a solid move.
    Will be worth volumes if your forced to proceed with your grievance(s).
    I think I would press on with the Art 37 grievance though, she needs to be taught a lesson.
  12. Billy

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    I am planning on speaking with her boss today, and calling corporate to lodge a complaint too. There are so many things she's trying to pull on other drivers as well. Trying to set 90 examples in 5 days. Sounds like a program for recovering addicts.
    Warning letters are contested automatically by my local. I want to have another on file to show it was bogus should there be a need some day to take another day off. I'd hate to try and fit another emergency situation in around my job. Hopefully, I can get a split near the hospital and visit my family member during lunch...stupid
    I'll let you know how the 37 turns out.
  13. Jones

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    She was my center manager, and yes she gives a lot of bogus discipline. Just grieve it, most the stuff she tries to pull gets thrown out. The other half she forgets about (seriously, she can't remember what she did from one day to the next)The DM doesn't like her one bit, BTW, I could tell you some stories about those two :wink2:
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    this is the right thing to do. accept nothing less than the warning letter being dismissed.
  15. grgrcr88

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    You are wrong, depending on your local and how often you call in.

    Here you are allowed 3 attendance occurances in a 90 day period. If you have 4 in 90 you get a warning letter, then every occurance over the next 9 months is another step in the progressive discipline.

    Occurances include call ins, late or no calls.
  16. over9five

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    Nice job throwing in the Art 37 grievance!

    I really hope you do talk to her boss and also call corporate. It's good to draw attention to these kinds of managers.

    FWIW: The sick policy HERE is no more than 5 occasions within a year.
    An occasion is a call out that may be one day or consecutive days.
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    Just forgive her, in these trying times she does not want to be considered redundant.:wink2:
  18. tarbar66

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    A woman that doesn't remember everything, she may not be a true female!

    How about sharing a story or two about her? and him.:happy-very:
  19. rod

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    Stick with what envolves just you. Let the other 89 examples come forward themselves. You will find out in your career that 95% of the people are willing to let 5% stick their necks out for them and not get envolved. Sounds to me like this "lady" needs a good spanking (something that is almost unheard of a UPS when it comes to female management)