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    Boss came up to me the other day with a piece of wasted paper. Seems I attempted a NDA at a stop at 9:45, sheeted it as closed (they open at 11) left a note and brought it back later at normal delivery time. Apparently this sends a red flag. She wondered why I didn't indirect it. Let's see. Do I take it 50 yards to Taco Bell or 50 yards the other way to a grocery store under construction, or accross the street to a pair of strip malls. Guess what, you open late you get it late.
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    Why can't they just let us do our job?
  3. Signature Only

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    I used to punch the"Consignee opens past commit time or requested late delivery" option when prompted for a late delivery reason. But that comes up on some report too. So if you can't indirect and the business opens at noon, you still get trouble.
  4. BROWN430

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    and some customers don't want their stuff indirected. have you ever had someone call in that you left their package at such and such ? I have. So you can get in trouble for that too.
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    Those may all be good reasons for not indirecting a package. thanks for sharing your valuable area knowledge with your boss so he/sh can explain it on his / her conference calls.
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    What did your boss say when you told him / her the reason? If the response was "okay, thanks for the info", then I see nothing wrong with the interaction?

    You should understand that not all drivers are as good as you. I've seen too many occurances where a driver made a wrong discussion. I see nothing wrong with asking a driver why a decision was made and using the opportunity to discuss alternatives.

    I'm not sure what happened in your case, but that scenario works for me.

  7. tfinnegan

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    Sheet it as closed and don't go back until next day, again before 10:30...unless you have a regular delivery for them. If you indirect it they will probably call the 800 number saying they want YOU to come back and get it for them anyways!
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    I don't know. I got those morning talks , too. In some cases, like yours, and if I knew I was going down the same street again, I just wouldn't sheet it at all, the first time. Yes, I lose 2 minutes (and a stop). Beats 3 minutes next morning in the office. And, main thing is customer gets thier package !
    Customer satifisfaction is a goal, that many have said on here, UPS has lost touch to...
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    He has to sheet it on the first delivery attempt or it shows up late if the commit time is 10 :30.
  10. happybob

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    I would ask the consignee if they want you to leave their packages with their neighbor companies. Let them make the decision. Let your center manager know after you've spoken with them and how they prefer you to habdle the NDA's. If they don't want you inderecting it, then your going back is a driver doing what we do best, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We had a PCM about this issue a few weeks ago. We were told that our district has seen an increase in the number of "closed" NDA stops and the increase in the use of "customer requested late". Unlike in BM's situation, in which he did everything right, we have drivers who are sheeting stops as closed at, say, 1020, and then delivering them at 1035. The problem is that they are nowhere near the stop at 1020 and are simply sheeting them as closed to beat the commit. We also have drivers who are simply delivering them late and choosing Option A. In some cases, such as BM's, this is valid, but in others the business had been open and did not request late delivery.

    In our center, as I am sure in most centers, we have drivers who will deliver the NDA and another driver who will deliver the ground later on for certain stops. The drivers delivering the NDA are doing so on their way to their respective areas outside of the city and, if the NDA stop is closed, are unable to make a second attempt. We handle this by having the NDA driver sheet the stop as CLO and the ground driver delivering the NDA when he delivers the ground, selecting Option A at stop complete. For example, I deliver to WalMart/Sams/Gamestop and also deliver the NDA in the retail complex. Empire Vision is in that complex but they do not open until 1030 and do not want their pkgs indirected. I do have the option of attempting the delivery and then coming back in the late afternoon (1530-1600) to reattempt as I am making P/Us at that time; however, the ground guy is in there around noon so we have been told that I will sheet the NDA as CLO and have the ground guy deliver when he gets there about four hours earlier than I would.

    BM, you did the right thing and took care of the customer.
  12. Raw

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    That is dis-honest. I used to have a supe ask me to just sheet as closed without going there as they opened at 4pm, of course I always refused and made an attempt before 10:30 am as that is what the shipper paid for!
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So you're saying that it is better customer service for me to sheet the stop as closed and then go back at 4pm rather than sheet as closed and give to the driver who will be there at noon? The business does not open until 1030. Our commit is 1030. They do not want their pkgs indirected. I am nowhere near this stop at 1030. I'm sorry but I think I will continue to take care of the customer despite your advice to the contrary.
  14. grgrcr88

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    Do you have telematics, and GPS. Gps, will show exactly where a driver is at the time of scanning the package, as well as when delivered or not delivered. That sort of dishonesty is what gets people fired for good.
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  16. happybob

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    I would think it is better to cover your own arse and give the package to the driver that is delivering it at noon time/before you get back there for pickups. You sheet a package and the GPS doesn't match when you sheet it you do open yourselve up to being labeled dis-honest, cardinal infraction disharge offense. I know you have a decent working relationship with your management team, but it does make since to CYA. The driver that is actually delivering it can sheet it as customer request late delivery.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    OK, then how is what I am instructed to do any different from going to the stop, scanning the pkg and info notice, and then leaving the pkg on route for the noon driver to pickup and reattempt? Keep in mind that we only do this for businesses that we know do not open until 10:30 or later and do not wish to have their pkgs indirected.
  18. happybob

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    In my barn we were always told that irregardless of the company official opening time being after the committ time you still must make an attempt at their location. Always could be a possibility that they are expecting a NDA and will show up early for it. If you sheet as closed and they call saying no attempt was made then you do open yourself to discipline. Maybe you would not get into trouble, since your management team knows what you are doing, sheeting on the road as closed and giving it to the other driver, just makes sense to CYA, jmho.
  19. over9five

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    Sheeting a package as closed when you're not even there sounds dishonest to me too, BUT...... Upstate is working as directed! I would too.
  20. grgrcr88

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    What do you think the sup would say if this complaint got to a D/M and he wanted answers? I assure you, he will cover his ass!!!