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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Dec 11, 2008.

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    The skeletal remains of a small child were found Thursday near the home of missing Orlando girl Caylee Anthony's family.
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    yea, i know, it is bittersweet. we all know that she has been dead all along. and we all have wanted for her to be found and given a proper burrial. but so sad for what happened to that sweet baby girl. it just sickens me what took place.

    the news just said that "duct tape" was found wrapped around the mouth and skull of the baby.

    now i think they need to move Casey into the general population of the prison, and let her new peer group get to know her and welcome her to the unit.

    may Caylee rest in peace. may her mother rot in hell.
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    may Caylee rest in peace. may her mother rot in hell. __________________
    Truer thoughts never expressed better.
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    This case has haunted me bigtime.

    Such a beautiful little girl.
    And then the pictures of Mom partying it up obviously without a care in the world.

    She makes me sick.

    And the grandfather, a former cop, who smelled what he knew was human remains in the trunk, but didn't open it.

    It's a horrible tragic story.
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    Before you all convict anyone, lets get the dna results first please.

    Not that I believe the mom is innocent, but lets not put the cart before the ox.:dead:
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    I've been following this case and it is truly sad. That @#$%& is guilty and I agree w/ DownsizedUPS'er wholeheartedly!
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    If she didnt do it, she did nothing to help her daughter, so I hope she still rots in hell.
    And she did it, as she felt her mommy and daddy loved caylee more. What a sick twisted bit**.
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  10. moreluck

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    I probably have that many on how to strangle someone and leave no evidence.
    seriously, My hubby is transfixed to this case. More so than I. I have to find something to drag him away.....................
    What a sick twisted wench. I will never be convinced of her innocence. Being a mother, if it was an accident, to this day I would be a wreck. Probably full of thorazine, sitting in a mental hospital.
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    But why a chemical when likor is just as efficient?
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    I've done hundreds of searches on aeroponics and hydroponics. I've watched numerous vids on the subject. Even read technical data from NASA including actually going to see a hydroponic crop of tomatoes created specifically for being grown on the International Space Station and further deep space travel. Been seen in and out of several businesses who sell hydroponic supplies. Observed purchasing lighting fixture components at Home Depot and seen actually putting these fixtures together into an array and running electrical circuits for power. So, this must mean I'm growing marijuna, right? Well you might run into a problem when you physically see my aeroponic system that's growing 4 variety of leaf lettuce and a small batch of strawberries. Opps, there goes that conviction!

    Before you run off on the chloroform theory, there is disagreement even between the prosecution's own experts.


    No matter how this case turns out, it's going to be a sad one regardless.
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    True, it's not just one's little, circumstantial things that cumulatively (sp) makes things look very suspicious. Like searching different spleen & such. It was on her computer only, not mom & dad's.
    Heck, I've gotten into "meatball" trouble and it might appear to an outsider that I searched porn. (well, I did, but not during my meatball search). At least I wasn't looking for weiners!!

    Speaking of Weiner, this Casey is almost as good a liar as he was. (isn't it amazing that one subject flows into another?)
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    Here's a piece on the Anthony case that poses an interesting thought.
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    The article did indeed conjure more than one thought(for me anyway), what thought did you think to be interesting?
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    Mainly media sensationalism but then that is the nature of our culture in regard to the MSM. I did know that murder was a declining act among the population (hard to notice again with all the media sensationalism) but the point made about crimes against children, in this case murder, could be increasing was also an interesting point and at the same time very troubling as I'm sure all here would agree.

    But here's a greater frightening point to ponder as I read the article. Is filicide really increasing or has our technical and intellectual skills increased to where now we see these cases as they are whereas in the past we might have let them go as tragic accidents? In otherwords, is the level of filicide we are seeing normal and we've in a sense evolved to a level to see and understand it for what it is? There's the questions but I got no answers!
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    I think it's just like other things that happen.....did school shootings actually increase or did coverage just get better over the past quarter century? I don't know, but just an example. Also, are the cancer cases increasing or do we just finally know more about what people are dying of? We used to say people died of consumption......what?

    Just an aside on Nancy Grace...............she can beat a story to the over coverage of the Simpson trial. Who in the world did not know Marcia Clark, Judge Ito, F. Lee Bailey, etal. ?? She wants cases on her program that will get people enraged and hating the accused.....that's sho-bizz!
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    As in a tragic drowning in a family pool? Happens all the time. How many of those are "Momma Caseys" trying to get rid of the little brat so Momma can party?