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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by packagemandan, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. packagemandan

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    Hows The new Anti Harassment Policy going for you? In south Florida seems to be a bust, dispatch remains unchanged, the very next day after hall conference call three of four supervisors on cars doing ojs's. Don't think UPS is taking the threat of going public to serious.
  2. packageguy

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    In our center, we just keep putting grievance-- call it a paper trail.
    document everything, so when the day comes you have all you need.
  3. badpal.

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    would you if you were UPS?
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  4. BCFan

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    Hoffa coming to atl sunday wanna get out there and tell him to retire now and let someone like sandy pope run our international...hoffa is a complete joke.... BC
  5. packagemandan

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    Need some harder tactics than we've been using I'll agree not sure the solution, don't like our guys getting their clocks cleaned buy managements dispatch. One theory is they must want to increase the yearly earnings of all drivers so when contract time comes they can hold that carrot out there and say "look how much we already pay them" so we loose public support and not realizing most of that $80,000,00 is in overtime...unwanted at that.
  6. Dragon

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    "New Anti-Harassment Policy" and dispatch....I need some clarification. How are these related?
  7. menotyou

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    Hoffa has vowed(LOL) to put an end to harassment of any type, including over-dispatching. Yet, they are still dispatching loads that are close to resembling harassment.
  8. 705red

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    It's all campaign talk. He can now travel from building to building on our dues money campaigning for himself all under the front of combatting harassment. Let's show him what it's like to be harassed and vote his ass out,!
  9. hypocrisy

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    My Package Driver Steward friends are reporting that it has had an impact. "No one has been in the office for almost 3 weeks!" said one Steward. I'm noticing a kinder, gentler attitude around the Feeder Department, but we have had good relations overall since I've been there. Thank you Hoffa for putting the Company on notice.
  10. bigblu 2 you

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    could we keep them on permanent notice?
  11. 804brown

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  12. hypocrisy

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    I'm not joking. It's very hard to say anything bad on the EOS in Feeders.
  13. Jack4343

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    Nothing changed here. Drivers still over dispatched and having to explain themselves on a daily basis for being over allowed. Flavor of the month: Going over 60 minutes on your lunch. (must be 60 minutes or less from stop to stop including drive time and don't get me started on driving a package car off the clock!) A few years ago if I arrived back to the building after 7pm I would have a hard time parking the car. Now if I arrive around 7pm, I can park the thing sideways if I wanted to.
  14. bigblu 2 you

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    ease up dog,ups has been" put on notice".remember that when you get your ballot this month.
  15. 804brown

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    Too little too late for Hoffa/hall/Gegare. The old guard has been "put on notice" : your time in office is coming to an end soon!!
  16. hypocrisy

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    Anyone putting their money where their mouth is? I would.
  17. Jack4343

    Jack4343 FT DR Specialist

    You betcha...voted against him last time so it'll be no problem to do it again.
  18. toonertoo

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    Ive noticed it here. A little slap on the back, like we are all buds. (not me of course, if they touched me I would punch them.) A little talk about this game or that outing, blah blah blah. :sick:
  19. hypocrisy

    hypocrisy Banned

    Well that says volumes, but I was alluding more along the lines of a friendly wager.


    Does it matter who you vote for, some centers follow the rules and some dont, it all depends on where you are, i read post where people say file grievances that works, not in all places does that work, where i was it never really worked because You had bad managers with bad stewards who were all for them selves, my center was a joke, they allowed internal realtionships with management and hrlys, they allowed people to bring there animals to the center, they had new drivers on packets rOutes rigged to make sure they did not make it, there are some pretty bad sides of ups. i MUST HAVE BEEN AT ONE OF THE WORST CENTERS. HARRASSMENT WAS ALLOWED EVEN THOUGH THE MANAGER WOULD HAVE PCMS AND SAY IT WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. THERE WERE EMPLOYEES WHO GOT IN THE FACE OF SUPERVISORS AND CURSED AT THEM AND THREATENED THEM AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO THEM, LIKE I SAID I MUST HAVE WORKED AT ONE OF THE WORST CENTERS.