Any drivers here deliver in worst neighborhoods in america??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coldworld, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Coldworld

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    Just wondering if any of you deliver in Watts, Compton, or any of the sketchy neighborhoods around LA? What kinds of safegards, if any, does the company put into place for you?
  2. hoser

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    I'd be more worried about places like East Point in Atlanta, than Compton. Compton's just a blue collared industrial park.
  3. teamsterdan

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    camden NJ, murder capital 2yrs. running..............
  4. retired

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    Does that mean that you deliver while running?
  5. Ya like im from compton dogg... here in killa cali tho even our sups gang bang and shiznit so like if im down with west side they gonna put me on a route in west side cuz they more conserned about me busting on someone then me getting busted on cuz they know i got respect in my hood so i deliver in my hood. unless i be stealin the pills from the old people then sellin what i dont pop for other drugs and for hydraulics for my low low
  6. my sup nows in a gangsta so he puts me on routes where my gang has stuff locked down...

    this way no one messes with the truck or me...

  7. Coldworld

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    It doesnt have to be compton, just any down and out ruff area in america. Any place will do.
  8. 30andout

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    Could you repeat that in English?:crying:
  9. da hood

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    Dont you know the Low Low 30.
  10. hoser

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    that was awesome.
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    I think I can translate that ebonics crap into english:

    Yes, I reside in Compton, CA coldworld. Out here in California or known to some as "killa cali" (a nickname due to the high murder rate) our supervisors have been known to associate with bit of a rough crowd. Now, I do have some friends on the Western parts of Compton so when there is a route that needs to be filled my sups usually request me. I just don't fit in well in the other parts of Compton. The people over there just rub me the wrong way. Occasionaly I due come across some medicines that "accidentally" fall out of their packages. These pills are now contaminated so they are unsafe for the elderly to consume. I take the liberty of selling these pills to unfortunate souls that can't afford health insurance. From the money I earn I usually purchase some hydraulics for my low-rider vehicle.
    P.S.-Kill whitey!!
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    Thank you :laugh:
  13. wannabeups

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    I love hearing the guys tell stories of their days in package car. Strip clubs, rough neighborhoods etc. Someone should write a book.
  14. Every city has a part thats pretty seedy. Some of these places the elevator don't work or its a death trap. I had one where the hall was dark as night and it was in the middle of the afternoon, that was one spooky stop; when he opened the door it smelled like b.o. and smoke...gag gag cough cough.

    Lock your truck up tight, might not be there when you get back!
  15. MR_Vengeance

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    dont forget your bulletproof vest when you are in east oakland:crying:
  16. yo mr bundy,

    thanks for straightin out my post for the squares... watch your mail box for the next inside ups they gonna be runnin a story on me in the next inside ups.

    sincerally hood,
    package driver in a gang.
  17. tieguy

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    Don't make eye contact.
    Don't stop when someone asks you for a match.
    Don't chase anyone who steals a package from you.
    deliver the worst areas before the druggies wake up preferably by 1 pm.
    It is a gunshot its not a car backfiring, get your but down.
    Don't deliver to the worst high rises. Either have them come down and get the package or leave info notice and will call em.
    If a perp wants to root through your car , offer to run down the street and buy them a coffee while they shop. :thumbup1:
    Don't assume the off duty cop following you will protect you, when the bullets start flying he might duck and run like everyone else.
    Develop a twitch, talk better yet scream at yourself and slobber at the mouth so they think your're half crazy.
    Any deliveries to vacant row houses are drug deliveries. Make the delivery if anyone shows up to meet you. Never piss off the drug lords.
    don't carry anything on you that you would be afraid to lose. Hide your valuables, money etc in the back of the car or leave them in your locker.

    Tips based on driver experiences in lovely Baltimore/Washington DC which have been the murder capitals at one time or another.

    In those areas In my time we have had some drivers get held up especially during christmas.

    A jumper that missed our package car by about 10. driver heard a noise looked out and was no good the rest of the day.

    Had a driver get held up, stripped of his uniform and locked in the back of his car.

    A driver who was executed gangland style in front of his apartment for stealing inbound drug packages.

    Many drivers busted for helping the drug lords.

    One driver who was half crazy or had gonads the size of grapefruits. He had two incidents where he was held up during the same peak season. In the first a guy with gun in hand jumped into the passenger side of the package car. Our driver popped the clutch and kicked the robber out onto the street. A week later he was delivering with an offduty state trooper following. He is on the porch of a house making a delivery when two guys walk up to rob him. State trooper shows up. Two guys start shooting at state trooper state trooper turns, crouches and runs. Meanwhile our driver is standing on the porch while the bullets are flying calling the trooper some derogatory names because he ran.

    those drivers who deliver these crime infested areas should get combat pay. Next contract?
  18. hoser

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    Ahahaha :lol::lol::thumbup1:
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    I live in south Alabama, but we do have one particular area thats known as the block. Its a set of four huge duplexes that form a square. Nothing but druggies. The playground is littered with broken glass, syringes, used condoms and such. Kids play on this thing!!! The cops wont go in there. Very sad place.

  20. i bet the rent is pretty decent though!