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    I am in desperate need of any assistants from my fellow employees. I have put in over 20 years in Parcel and almost 2 years with UPS Freight. I am one of the unfortunate Parcel/Feeder Drivers that thought transferring to a cheaper area where I could afford to buy a home was the right path. Let me just say it wasn't. Giving up 20 years seniority only to be laid off due to the weak economy forced me to resign and relocate back to my home town. I was hired as a full time road driver with UPS Freight a little over a year ago only to find out a month after being hired, the driver I replaced had got his job back. I wish it would have been enclosed that the driver I replaced was not completely off the books at the time of my interview. I am currently an extra board driver now and waiting by the phone for that call that they have work for me. I received my CDL through Feeders in 2000 and am hoping to relocate to another state since California has been on a hiring freeze. I see that they are hiring in many Eastern States and I'm at the point that it's time to move on. My HR department is not helpful at all when It comes to helping a laid off employee relocate. It's sad to see that the hiring process online is not really set up for currant employees that are on lay off and need work that wouldn't mind relocating. It's just not reasonable to just quit and not know if you have a job lined up to go to. I don't mind quitting and getting rehired. If anyone out there hears of any Feeder or Package driver needed in there area, Please IM me your centers HR contacts or even your Center Managers Contacts . It would be so appreciated. I have an excellent standings with UPS. I have never had an accidents, injuries or have been written up for any disciplinary actions. I only filled one grievance in my 21 years with UPS. Any HR contacts will really help me back to the place I hope I can get back to. Thank You to anyone that can help me! My email is .