any one of you work in los angeles or nyc?????


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Just curious about the setups in probably the two largest ups areas in the country. How many cars, centers, bldgs, etc. I have heard that nyc has a hub that is many stories high and the cars are loaded on different floors. New York has to be one crazy place. Wonder how many stops some of the downtown drivers go out with considering parking, traffic, elevators etc. If anyone delivers in these areas please give us an idea of what an average day is like for you!!


I`m not from L.A. or N.Y. but I do work in a big city.Toronto Canada,has a population of about 5 million people.There are 2 major hubs here and the one I work out of has about 180 established routes.Its not as tight here when it comes to residential areas as it is there ,and the average area would have about 75 deliveries and 40 pickups.My center has about 40 package routes and there is 6 or 8 drivers that handle excess.That would be the ones that help overdispatched drivers,cover excess pickup volume,
and generally do the crap that keeps the rest of us under 12 hours.The downtown guys do about the same,and some can basically park the truck in one place and work out of it until they have to do thier pickup log.
I am curious about the guys in N.Y. and L.A. though.especially in the nasty areas.


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In my hub days I've had a lot of dealings with the NYC metro...even did a little time on "da rock" and those of you around here know what I mean. NYC has three buildings: Manhattan South (for like...the streets with names below wall street and stuff), M43NY better known as "43rd Street" which is 6 stories tall I believe and it takes up 1 full block (rectangular), and there is a Manhattan North. Not sure exactly where the cutoff for their service area is. As far as the boroughs, each borough has its own building (Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens)....making 7 total buildings to serve new york city.


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Hey guys, I started driving in a Brooklyn, NY center in 1990. At the time, we came out of a building in Maspeth (Queens). Then about a year later, UPS opened a building in Brooklyn (Foster Ave.) to serve just Brooklyn. That building is in a pretty funky area with some nasty projects near it. It wasn't uncommon to hear guns shots while walking from the building to the parking lot a block away. I was doing a route fairly regularly in not such a nice area . I got jumped & was robbed while delivering 1 day & then figured its time to transfer to a nicer area. I've been in a small building (compared to Maspeth & Foster Ave.) for around 13 years & its alot different between the 2 buildings. The building I'm in covers the lower 1/3 of Westchester County. Out of our building there are 2 centers....each running approx 35/40 loads daily. Routes in my center I'd say run 110-140 stops with most of the retail being DR. Pickups in the area for the most part I'd say are lighter than the pickups I did in Brooklyn.........I have 20 PU stops & I rarely pickup more than 20/25 pieces. I generally drive right around 40 miles a day. Thats about the basics...............anyone else???


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Oh yeah, I'm in lower Westchester County which is just north of the Bronx (one of the 5 boroughs of NYC) ---actually technically our building is in the Bronx and my route is about 15 minutes from the building. Another driver that transferred to our building just after I did came from the 43rd St. building. I've been past that building many times but have never been in it.


We have three hubs in the Downtown LA area, two in the San Fernando Valley, two in the area near the harbors (outside of LA City limits) and one independent center on the West Side.