Any Stewards answer a question or two?

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    I have been considering trying to become a steward. Our centers steward is a feeder driver, so he doesnt see the crap going on in the preload(drivers loading, supervisors loading,. shuttling out ground packages, etc. drivers sheeting up packages for an air driver to "drop off") Is it hard to become a steward? Is it worth the hassle? Would YOU do it again? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Brownieboy-i was a steward for 30yrs retired now on the chat each night you want the truth drop in ill steer you in the right direction:thumbup1:
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    Every classification should have their own steward. Locally, we have one steward and one backup steward to every 30 employees in a classification. Stewards are nominated at the January meeting and voted on during the March meeting.

    Why no call the local and talk to BA (most locals have toll free numbers) about what your local does about mid year replacements.

    Why cannot drivers load any car if they are actually on the clock (we work has directed)
    Yes supervisors should NOT be working .
    If packages are being shuttled it should be hourly employees. Any vehicle that is shuttling packages should be DOT placarded. Atleast in out area the company goy in serious trouble for no having vehicles placarded with thus magnetic Temp UPS Vehicle signs.
    For the last one, I would not be invloved in that. LP would call that falsfying records. You mnay have a good idea what you would do with package but situations can change.

    No. YES. YES. Someone needs to do it.

    Just remember your not going to most likely change the world. Your going talk. Either settle it or file a grievance then go through the panels.
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    In many regards it is a real hassle. At times not really worth it.

    But then there are times when you need all your brain power to help a fellow employee out of a mess. Some times they created the mess, so you end up literally begging for the job back. Other times it is a manager or two that have a hard on for a driver.

    One thing I have learned is that several heads working together can see a situation from different angles, and sometimes that really helps.

    There will be some that think you are in the back pocket of management, while others think you are a union hardass. What you are is actually neither, you are a negotiator, peace maker, and a father figure some times when an employee is way out of line.

    Over all is it worth the hassle? Yeah it is. Just like every thing else at UPS, a job worth doing well will give you great satisfaction when you do it well.

    If it any consolation, our BA that we elected was a part time car washer. A lot of people said he really didn't know anything, so really should not be a BA. But he has been the best BA that we have ever had in my 33 years.

    So dont let anything stand in the way of you doing what you think is right.

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    Sure it's a hassle and a headache at times, but it is necessary that someone step up to the plate, and learn the contract, and labor laws, that can benefit your fellow workers. If you feel you have courage enough to stand up and fight for them, get after it, and if you need advice, please feel free to pm me or any others stewards here. Knowledge is power, and united group can head off alot of bs.
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    If they're on the clock, that's no problem, but also they can't just violate seniority to let selected people load their trucks, and not let others.
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    It's a thankless job. Jerks on BOTH sides of the fence. Plenty of diaper changing with being a Steward.
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    I would say if you are a part-time employee and you do not have a Steward in the part-time ranks, get a few people to call the hall and tell them you wnat a steward on your shift. I have been a part-time steward for a pretty good bit and have learned that the job has its good and bad. You will have to represent idiots out there, but I would say over all it is worth it for you to be a steward. I try to set an example in the work area. I am at work everday and on time. I do my job as instructed. My management team knows how much contract knowledge that I have and the tend to respect that knowledge. Sure, sometimes we butt heads. I have had grievances settled between myself and management and have had others go to panel. The reason I decided to do the job is that my steward was a sorry worker. He was never at work when you needed him, so I ran against him and took the job. I make sure I meet every new employee. Give them the speech and let them know that I am there for them. It has been an over all good experience. The only bad experience that I have had is with unethical hourly employee's and upper management that has never known me. I am talking about the higher ups that see you at a panel and automatically think you are anti-company. I have never really had a problem with the management team that I work with everyday. We have had our disagreements, but I always try to leave the meetings saying that we agree to disagree. I do not get mad, I just let them know that we interprete the contract differently and we will have to let a panel decide.

    Go for it.
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    I've been a steward for seven years and would do it again. You represent your fellow Teamsters in dealing with management on implementing and maintaining the labor agreement. Some management are ok to work with and others need a little more persuasion. Know the contract and realize that mistakes are made on both sides. Pick your battles and stay true to your integrity. Labor law requires you to fully represent all Teamsters, even the ones you don't like or know deserve discipline. Hope this helps.

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    Its about being a Steward because you want to help folks and enforcing the contract...and thats a full time job in itself:thumbup1: BC