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  1. I'm employed in 07/36. Recently, drivers involved in minor accidents(tree branch and hit while parked), have been asked to submit to drug testing. Is this a new policy?
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    Should be.
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    in the past it's been a hit or miss policy, very inconsistently applied.

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    Depends how thick a branch.
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    Keep in mind that the Contract does not override everything else (as much as some on here would like you to believe). State and Federal law also apply. If you believe you are being harassed or discriminated against, speak up. If your local Labor union will not listen to you, there are other resources available to you.
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    Care to elaborate?
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    every employee should be tested daily, and who ever has the best mix in their systems should be given a prize.
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    The prize is called MIP :wink2:
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    Now that is funny! And in many cases soooo true.
    I have been told anyone involved in any kind of accident may be asked to submit to a test, I have no problem with it as I have no drugs in my system, ever, I lead a very boring life. I do know if you go to the hospital you will be tested.
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    Drug testing for hit while parked??????
    The nimrod that hit you needs it, not you!!!!
    ok level with us...theres gotta be more to it
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    No thoughts!!
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    we have had several delivery drivers who have had more serious accidents, and two have tested positive. one even had some extra goodies in his lunch box. its a bad idea to try and get into a wrecked package car in front of the cops, and try and dump some stuff out when you think no one is looking.

    as has been said, it is a hit and miss thing in most places. but if it is serious enough, they do have that right.