Any toy/model train hobbiests out there?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by JimJimmyJames, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. JimJimmyJames

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    My son and I started an obsession with trains last year. It started when my father-in-law gave my son his Lionel set from 1947 and than went into overdrive after we gave my son a Lionel UPS set for his birthday. Now we have a whole room of the house dedicated to trains! It is still a floor layout but we plan to build a table this year. Here is what the layout looked like in September:

    Even if you are not into trains but are into UPS collectables, Lionel has made many pieces over the years that would look as good on a shelf as they do on a layout.
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    I had a Lionel set when I was a kid. My younger brother has it set up now. Last Saturday I brought my 2 year old grandson to the Amherst Railway Society's annual train show. It was in 4 Buildings.
    My grandson has been preliminarily diagnosed with autism and it appears that he has made a connection with the trains. I never saw him smile so much! There may be a set in my future. I like Lionel trains because of their play value. A lot of their stuff has collector value. The more serious modelers can really get picky. One railroad bridge model on display was an operable rolling lift bridge. It's operation always gathers a crowd.It is amazing what one person can do in his spare time.
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    My older brother bought me an H.O. scale train for Christmas when I was like 6. I was in foster care at the time and my foster Dad also had a love of model trains. He made a platform table in the garage that raised and lowered by pullies. I haven't owned any since then, but have always been fascinated by them. There's a guy on my route that has half his garage converted for his railroad, as well as a hobby shop that has some of the coolest looking trains. I'm looking forward to doing this when I retire, we'll see.

    BIgB, glad you found a connection for your grandson. I also hope that you will jump on getting him the help that he needs, right away. Sounds like you're a take charge guy, and this is one of those things that is very hands on, right from the beginning. My wife has taught children with auitism for over 13 years and always recommends that parents of autisic children join support groups and stay up to date with all the information that continues coming out about this disorder. She also says that Mass. and NY. are great states to be in, as they are advanced in programs for autism.:peaceful:
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    I've never seen a young boy yet that didn't like trains of any size. Actually I can't wait for my grandson to visit me this summer as he will be old enough to help me set up my trains again. They have been stored in a box too long.
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    I didn't know my Grandfather very much, but I know he worked at the railroad. Apparently he was a huge union advocate. Made lots of changes. I've always been interested in trains, just never had any.
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    I don't have model trains, but I enjoy the real things. One of my favorite things is watching (and hearing) the big trains at San Juan Capistrano depot.

    We have a friend who sometimes comes down from Toluca Lake to visit us by train.

    The city of SJC is very historical and lots of other things to do. The railroad stop is right at the Los Rios Historical district. The nearby Ruby's is also a train decor place to breakfast there.
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    I am a big fan of the real deal also. When I started feeder driving my interest in trains was stirred up by having to pick up and deliver trailers to the railyards. I love machinery that moves us and seeing the locomotives up close and personal is always a thrill.

    My son and I have visited several railroad museums and excursion railroads around the northeast area. The best thing about this train facination that my son and I have is that we share it together.
  9. dilligaf

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    Many many years ago we took a train from Flagstaff Az to San Juan Cap to visit my aunt for a week. We had a ball. I would love to do it again sometime.
  10. DS

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    I'm not trying to hijack the thread,I just thought I'd put in my word about collecting things.When I was 9 years old,my older sister bought me a comic at the cigarette stand where the streetcars all turned around.
    I fell in love with the stories, the smell of the ink,and it got me into reading.
    I have tons of old sup's in bags and boxes in the basement.
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    I saw this in a customers garage. The customers last name is TOY.:happy2:
  12. Not trains but nitro RC's,
    1/5 scale with a weed eater motor
    1/10 nitro
    My 2000 WS6
  13. Monkey Butt

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    Nice...looks like the real thing.
  14. Thanks, the Trans Am is real I do have a Rc that looks like it also.