Any UPS ASO have a problem with the Amazon returns qr code being exclusive to The UPS Store?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by chris coffelt, Nov 19, 2018.

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    The UPS Store has opened up directly across the street from my UPS ASO store, TLC Postal Center. Funny how we cannot open a location withing miles of a UPS Store, but they can open right across the street from us. It is pretty tough competition on my block for any and all UPS or U.S. Mail shipments. Amazon is making it worst for me by giving customers the option to print that QR return code that is exclusive to The UPS Store. I absolutely hate having to refer my customers to my competition, and I usually try to get Amazon Customer service on the phone right then and there to cancel that QR code return so that my client can print their own label right at my store. Anyway, the point of my question is, I was wondering as a class... If all of the ASO owners might want to get together to see if perhaps we could get Amazon to drop that QR code that drives customers only to The UPS Store. Or, if anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate it very much.
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    I'm sorry, but you won't get any help here. Most of the people on this site are drivers and part time workers. There are a few management people sprinkled in.

    Most people on here, like me don't even know what a UPS ASO store is. Is that like a pack and ship type of place.
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    Just a bunch of dumb drivers and package handlers on here, my guy. Good luck getting your business back from conpetition!
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    You need Moose and Rocco. Those two for a small vig, will educate the competition on the benefits of closing shop!
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    Authorized Shipping Outlet
    It's basically a UPS customer counter that offers everything that a UPS building offers. It has supplies, can accept shipments, returns, etc.
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    How DARE YOU mock @burrheadd and @MyTripisCut ! Very rude!
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    How is it different than a UPS store?
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    I thought all UPS stores were staffed by ASO’s?
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    Dunno. I googled it, and that's what it said.
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    Not franchised.
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    No I can't. I'm glad they only do it there. I hate Amazon returns.
    Bunch of cheap needy bastards that want free shipping supplies. F*em