Anyone here work in the Unload Area?

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  1. camillearvelo5rk

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    Im just wondering if they are making you guys do "small sorts" job by doing all the bags in the trailers.

    They expect us to unload all the bags and still finish your trailer in time...dont they realize that more volume takes more time...I see other guys in my area killing themselves just to finish on time...not me I take my sweet a** time :happy2:

    Anyways since we are doing small sorts job and they get paid a $1 more than us dont you think this is unfair?

    We are actually eleminating jobs by doing this and saving UPS $$$
  2. Monkey Butt

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    1) Work as instructed is in the contract (or use to be).
    2) There are more unloaders than small sort people and the bags should be unloaded first so they can be processed early and get back to the trailer by sorts end.
    3) It would take time for small sorters to get to the trailer - wasted time since the unloader is already there.

    All this should be done this way to:
    A) reduce the personnel needed
    B) reduce the cost to process the packages
    or as you would say, "We are actually eleminating jobs by doing this and saving UPS $$$."
  3. camillearvelo5rk

    camillearvelo5rk New Member

    UPS has brainwashed you too...huh? :happy-very:
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Yeah, I guess ... plus, it's my job. :wink2:
  5. bill102

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    Not everyone in small sort gets an extra dollar. You need to be qualified as a sorter or some other skilled position. Small sort baggers are the same as loaders. Small sort sorters are the same as sort aisle sorters.
  6. UnsurePost

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    To thread author: what the heck are you complaining about? Your job is to unload. Do you think the small sort people should unload the bags instead of the unloader? That is asinine.

    If we did that in our hub, the small sort would take a 5 minute walk down to the unload primary then a 5 minute walk back. That is 10 minutes, times 25-30 employees. 250-300 minutes of labor wasted walking back and forth from areas. (4-5 hours!)

    Then just imagine the chaos of SS employees getting in the unloaders way pulling bulk and all the other challenges. Even more wasted time.

    It is what it is. (had to throw that in there)
  7. bubsdad

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    Here all the bags go to small sort, they don't have to come to them.
  8. BrownEvo

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    I think the big hubs the bags go on its own belt right to small sort. Where I was at they usually had 8 people open and dump bags (had small boxes come down to but usually local) and then 8 or 9 women sort through the mess and put each smalls to its right destination to be rebagged to go right to outbound.
  9. camillearvelo5rk

    camillearvelo5rk New Member

    At our hub small sort has its own belt...they do not have to come get the bags.
  10. i was an unloader for 2 years now in small sort bagging we have are own belt that brings the bags and small box to us then they get dumped and re bagged. the size for are small are any box up to 16x16x8 we bag
  11. Dark_Team_135

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    Maybe he is saying that they were having him actually open each of the bags and unload the contents onto the unload belts to go back to the small sort. That would definitely take more time than just putting the full bags onto the belt...
  12. UnsurePost

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    Or maybe he is saying, that after SS is shut down towards the end of the shift, unloaders have to open bags to goto the sort aisle?

    I'm confused on the whole premise of this thread!